The girl band Poppin' Party, under the multimedia project “BanG Dream!”, released on Jan. 8, 2020 the single “Initial​/Yume wo Uchinuku Shunkan ni!” containing the OP and ED themes for the anime “BanG Dream! 3rd Season”.
On Jan. 14, it was announced the single was ranked 1st on the Oricon Weekly Single ranking list. Starting by Toyama Kasumi'svoice actress, Aimi's comment “Thank you for so many miracles”, a series of commentaries from other band members and staff were uncovered online.

Poppin' Party (abbreviated as PoPiPa) is a girl band composed of voice actresses under the multimedia franchise “BanG Dream!”. The band members are Aimi as Toyama Kasumi on guitar & vocal, Otsuka Sae as Hanazono Tae on guitar, Nishimoto Rimi as Ushigome Rimi on bass guitar, Ohashi Ayaka as Yamabuki Saaya on drums, Itou Ayasa as Ichigaya Arisa. Having debuted on Apr. 2015 through their first live concert “BanG_Dream! 1st Live: Westarted a band in spring!”, they released their first single on Feb. 2016 titled “Yes! BanG_Dream!”.
Following the band formation, their activities spawned into character voicing for the franchise's anime and game apps, as well as live musical concerts.

On Jan. 14 this year, it was announced on “BanG Dream!” official twitter account that their 15th single had reached the top position on the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking .
Each member of Poppin' Party also wrote on their personal twitter commentaries regarding the achievement. Aimi wrote “1st place…! I'm really really happy…! I can't be thankful enough…! Thank you for so many miracles!”. Ohashi Ayaka wrote “First time being number one! Thank you so much!”.

Ito Saaya proceeded to write “First time in BanG Dream's history! We finally achieved that dream. we were aiming since the beginning”. Otsuka Sae wrote “I started singing when I was 15 years old and it's been almost 10 years since. I feel that achieving first place on the Oricon Charts is a really impressive accomplishment”. Nishimoto Rimi “Five years since our debut. At this point I've spent more time with Popipa than with my own family. At the moment we achieved our dreams, I was overcome with emotions. I've no other words besides Thank You.”

Aiba Aina, who interprets the character Minato Yukina of the band Roselia, also under “BanG Dream!”, commented “Congratulations! Congratulation, really! I'm very impressed!!!”. The composer and of the single, Agematsu Noriyasu also commented “Congratulations to PoPiPa and all Bang dreamers for achieving 1st place!! I've seen how much the members of the band, as well as the staff, worked hard, so the sense of joy I'm getting is indescribable”.

Fans commentaries can also be found through the Japanese hashtags “#バンドリ”(Bandori), “#ポピパ”(PoPiPa), and “#やったぞポピパ”(Yattazo Popipa/Well done PoPiPa).
Poppin' Party kicked off 2020 splendidly by reaching the top place, being the first-ever band to accomplish that for “BanG Dream!”. The anime 3rd season will start on Jan. 23.

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