From the next generation girls band project “BanG Dream!” linked anime characters and reality live concerts together, Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN held a joint live called “Rausch und/and Craziness” from November 11 to December 1 at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center, Chiba. There were a total of 58,584 people recorded in these 2 days.

The band Roselia is formed by 5 members: Aiba Aina (plays Vocals. Minato Yukina), Kudo Haruka (plays Guitar. Hikawa Sayo), Nakashima Yuki (plays Base. Imai Lisa), Sakuragawa Megu (plays Drums. Udagawa Ako and Shizaki Kanon (plays Keyboard. Shirokane Rinko).

On the other hand, the girls band that was established in 2018, RAISE A SUILEN (will be abbreviated as RAS below) is also formed by 5 members: Raychell (plays Bass&Vocal. LAYER), Kohara Riko (plays Guitar. LOCK), Natume (plays Drums. MASKING), Kurachi Reo (plays Keyboard. PAREO) and Tsumugi Risa (plays DJ. CHU²). They attracted many fans through strong sharp music in combining electronica and loud band sound. Their stage performances has been always intense and continues to be very successful ever since their formation.

Members of Roselia kicked-off the concert with Fantaisie-Impromptu of Chopin. The fans erupted in a loud cheering when the intro of “R” was playing and the audience brilliantly joined in singing along with Aiba. Next the song “LOUDER” was dropped, and the chilly venue heated up in an instant by the crowd’s energy.

After the member introduction, Aiba made an appeal by saying “Are you ready to feel the charm of Roselia?” Then, immediately followed by performing the song “NeoAspect”. Many fans in the venue displayed their support by cheering out in loud voices. The keyboard sound of Shizaki started playing “Ringing Bloom” right after and then followed by “Re:birth day” which are songs that convey strong messages; they completely captivated the viewer’s heart.

What happened next, entered the MC they said “Let me hear your voices!” and the whole venue responded in a loud cheer again. Sakuragawa played the drums in a light-paced rhythm of the opening song “BRAVE JEWEL” anime “BanG Dream! 2nd Season” which ignited the audiences and even more so when the song “FIRE BIRD” was played. The fans showed their passionate emotions by lighting up the whole venue with the red penlights they had.

The MC then went up again and asked “Speaking of legends…” and the new song “Legendary” was performed for the first time in in front of audiences. Next, without a moment’s delay, the new song “PASSIONATE ANTHEM” was also performed for the first time in front of audiences. The lyrics of this song hints a collaboration with another band, hence it was such a good fit for a joint live. “The final rallying song is for RAS” which is called “ONENESS” was performed enthusiastically, which then Roselia brought to a close along with the climax.

RAS members entered the stage in between the curtains with light-paced electronica sounds. The atmosphere which was calming down was pushed over the top once again. They suddenly performed the title song of their new single “DRIVE US CRAZY”. It was then quickly followed by their popular song “A DECLARATION OF XXX” with an amazing keyboard technique played by Kurachi. The audience just kept heating up by the scampering performance of RAS, a band that doesn’t know limits.

During the MC, Nastume delighted the audience with her drumsonly played her drums. And when the song “UNSTOPPABLE” was played, the venue was covered in Blue and Green colors of RAS.

As the member introduction went on, they displayed their own charm by their musical techniques and the venue went uproar no matter who was doing their solo performances. They started off by performing a cover version of the song “Hitori no Yoru”, followed by a song of their 2nd single “Goka! Gokkai!? Phantom Thief!”, then “Mouichido Luminous” by Pastel*Palettes. They played other songs from various bands of “Bandori! Girls Band Party!” which was the best part of the RAS live. An original song “Taking my Heart” was performed following that; since it was an original song with intense tempo in comparison to the other cover songs, that allowed Raychell to show off her skills.

In between songs, each of the band members individually performed their respective instruments.

Such as during the performance of their new song “HELL! or HELL?”; They proceed to do a cover song of “1/3 no Junjo na Kanjo” in a RAS compressed style, ending the show with an original song “EXPOSE ‘Burn out!!!’”

RAS members re-entered the stage as they were encored by fans, and also the members of Roselia followed after. The two bands together then performed the song debut song of Roselia “BLACK OUT” first, then the debut song of RAS “R・I・O・T”. The fans loved it as the first day concert ended in a collaboration of both bands performing each other’s song which was only an exclusive experience in this joint live.

The vibrant atmosphere also carried on to Day 2 as this time RAS stepped on the stage first. Once the white curtain dropped, they performed the song “Invincible Fighter” which was not performed on the day before. Followed by Kohara’s elegant guitar beat to the original song “A DECLARATION OF XXX”.

The song “Hitori no Yoru” was being played in between the introduction part and then immediately followed by the final song of the previous day “EXPOSE ‘Burn out!!!’”. The audience was swept into the world of RAS. From then on they performed Glitter*Green’s “Don’t be Afraid!” and Afterglow’s “Y.O.L.O!!!!!!” RAS also covered other songs from various bands, and each one of them was a delightful performance. “The MC of RAS” was highlighted in the individual instrumental performance parts. After that Tsumugi rapped in a rhythmically stylized version of the new song “HELL! or HELL?”, “Heaven and Earth” and the song “Gekido” which was performed for the first time on stage. RAS gave their everything throughout these performances.
In between the MC, they chose to perform “UNSTOPPABLE” which was followed by “Wow!Wow!Wow!” then the original song “DRIVE US CRAZY” because they were songs meant to be sung along with audiences. RAS part ended with this conclusion.
After the interlude videos were played, Roselia members also performed on the stage with a fantasy improvising song.

However on this day, they decided to start the joint live with the song “Legendary. Immediately followed by “ONENESS” which contained a lot of chants that lit up the audience in one go.
After that, the song “LOUDER” was performed from the member introduction parts; Shizaki played “Ringing Bloom” with her keyboard followed by Nakashima’s base playing the popular heavy-feel intro song “R”. The audience was then drowned into the world of Roselia as they did not stop playing their music.
After a brief rest of the MC part where they introduced their costumes, they performed “BRAVE JEWEL” which again lit up the venue immediately.

The audience cheered louder during the song “Determination Symphony” as Kudo performed with “Hina’s guitar” as a surprise performance.
Aiba sturred the atmosphere harder in the following MC section and they sang the intro part of “PASSIONATE ANTHEM” together. Beginning with the popular intro song by the fantasy-like keyboard then “Netsuiro Star Mine” was dropped after. Roselia then performed their signature song’s chorus “Choten-e kuri sake!” And the day concluded with the song “FIRE BIRD”.
In between the interlude videos, both bands received encores back onto the stage. RAS’s “R・I・O・T” and Roselia’s “BLACKSHOUT” was performed together in collaboration. What dream-like performances was performed in the finale of these 2 days.
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Photo:Fukuoka Ryoji、Hata Satoshi