TV Anime “My Hero Academia” season 4 featured a “Hero Internship Arc Climax Special Screening & Talk Event,” which revealed episodes that fans of the original have been waiting for along with TV broadcasts in real time on Jan. 11, was held at United Cinema Aqua City Odaiba.
At the venue, Yamashita Daiki, who plays the main character Midoriya Izuku a.k.a. “Deku”, along with Tsuda Kenjirou, who plays the role of the main nemesis for the 4th season, Chisaki Kai a.k.a. “Overhaul” appeared as guest speakers and held a hot talk, concluding the “Hero Internship Arc”.

The event begins with the screening of Episode 75 “Unforseen Hope”, that was first broadcast on Jan. 4 in the previous week.
Depicting the pro hero, Sir Knighteye and Deku's decisive battles against the head of the Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul while trying to save the girl who holds the key to the story, Eri who was also being used in Overhaul's plans.

Yamashita and Tsuda went on stage after the screening and was greeted with great applause.
Regarding “Hero Internship Arc”, the longest episode in the history of My Hero Academia, Yamashita said, “In the previous series, there wasn't a situation that was so close to life so far. It was a different development which gives out a different atmosphere than before. ”
On the other hand, Tsuda talked about the role of Overhaul, who formed the Shie Hassaikai, “I played as a character that emphasizes not only on violence but wits as well”.

On to the next topic of the talk, “Hero Internship Arc Climax” which was undergone from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020.
Regarding the 74th episode “Lemillion” where Togata Mirio confronts Overhaul, Tsuda described the post-recording with Shingaki Tarusuke who plays the role of Mirio as “It was a nerve-wrecking atmosphere, which made me act with a lot more passion than usual.”

When they were asked regarding the post-recording of episode 75 which was just screened, Tsuda commented on Overhaul, who fused with his subordinates and attacks with a terrifying stature, “He is really terrifying when seen from the edge, striving to reach his goals with any means. That's why I chose to record it to show my intense obsession.”while Yamashita commented “I acted as if I was in a life and death situation clinging onto a cliff where Iyou'll die if I make even a mistake in one of my choices, which was an intense feeling.”
In addition, the two later then lively re-enacted Deku and Overhaul lines from the 75th episode, leaving the audience in amazement.

And finally, the episode 76 “Infinity 100%” will be screened on TV in a real-time broadcast.
Overhaul fuses with his subordinates, making full use of the “individuality” of his “disassemble and reassemble” ability in order to retain Eri onto his own hands. He attacks Deku with his frightening figure and power.
On the other hand, Deku vows to save Eri, and challenges Overhaul by opening the “individuality” for One For All. A climatic battle of Deku VS Overhaul that will unfold on the big screen.

After the screening, Yamashita and Tsuda again took the stage. Yamashita, who plays the role of Deku who unleashed 100% of his “individuality” One For All, said, “The dubbing was done a long time ago, but we took more time to carefully shape and craft the video to its full potential.” praising quality. “It's just perfect to be shown on such a big screen,” he replied confidently about its perfection.
Tsuda commented, “I was able to play a straight-ball battle without a curve-ball. My Hero Academia had many passionate characters, but Overhaul was a cool type of character so I didn't get to shout there, but in the end I was finally able to let my feelings burst out. It was really fun to play as Overhaul. ”

In addition, Yamashita said, “He's a hero though that part of him makes him very crazy '' in regards to Deku who is willing to ruin his body to save Eri, and Tsuda replied, “Overhaul was a guy who would use any means to obtain anything, so it was a battle between crazy men (bitter smile).”

Next, onto the corner of the latest movie “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising”, which is currently a huge hit, with over 1 million viewers .
When Yamashita heard that, he said, “Everyone who watched it said it was interesting. People from other sites are also saying “I saw it!”. To have viewers from various range of age groups, from young men and women to adults makes me really happy.”
Tsuda, who actually saw the work, said, “Not only Deku was interesting, but also the members from the hero class 1-A of U.A. High School, each group was doing their best, and the depictions which made use of their ” individuality “were also interesting. Really…Why didn't I appear …!” huge laughter came from the audience after hearing Tsuda's regretful remark.

Furthermore, a special climax scene cut was released, Yamashita looked back on the hot battle scene and said, “I think the movie version has outdone itself!”
For the theater version, it was announced that the 4D screening will begin on Jan. 24, the venue was filled with cheering in expectation for the release of the announcement for the screening locations.

At the end of the event, they sent out a message.
First of all, Tsuda expressed his gratitude, saying, “Before my part in My Hero Academia was decided, one of the cast from My Hero Academia at another site told me 'There is a recording of My Hero Academia today' and I thought 'Sure seems fun', but then I was told to play as Overhaul, which then I was really happy to say 'Yay! I'm also a part of My Hero Academia!' (Laughs)” reminiscing.
After playing as Overhaul, he said, “From playing a very interesting role till the battle of broadcast from today, I feel like I've outdone myself. A passionate and hot feeling still remains in my body and I was really glad to be able to appear. Thank you all for cheering on and supporting Overhaul!”

Yamashita said, “Thank you all for today! I was glad that I was able to watch episode 76 “Infinite 100%” in a shared space with everyone and also having a hot talk with Tsuda-san.” “I think My Hero Academia is a work that gives me the courage by giving a push on my back, allowing me to take the step forward. I hope that many people will keep watching My Hero Academia all the time, so from now on let's keep it up with PLUS ULTRA (AND BEYOND)!”
The event ended with the shout of “PLUS ULTRA! AND BEYOND!”.

(C) Horikoshi Kohei/Shueisha・My Hero Academia Production Committee