From TV anime “Drifting Dragons”(Broadacst begins from Jan.8), “MIKA's Kitchen”, the WEB program which Maeno Tomoaki (Mika's voice actor) try to recreate the dishes from the anime, will be released. Furthermore, as the additional cast members, Sakura Ayane, Senbongi Sayaka, Sakamoto Maaya, and Suzuki Kiyonobu will be participating, and the comments from the each cast member have arrived as well.

WEB program “MIKA's Kitchen” is a program which Maeno Tomoaki, who is playing Mika, is trying to recreate the dishes from “Drifting Dragons”, together with Chef Modegi Hiroshi, the 3rd gen. chef from “Taimeiken” from Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
A total of 12 episodes will be released on TV anime's official Twitter and official Youtube channel “+Ultra”.

In addition to its release in Jan. 8, information about additional cast members has arrived.
Sakura Ayane is playing Katja, a girl who works at the bar of the dragon capturing base at the city of Quon, Senbongi Sayaka is playing Nanami, who is from the “Senboushi” tribe, a tribe that manufacture and disassemble dragons, Sakamoto Maaya is playing Ascella, a hunter in Mt. Kin, and Suzuki Kiyonobu is playing Ura, the leader of the “Senboushi” tribe.

TV anime “Drifting Dragons” will be released on “+Ultra”and Fuji TV from Jan. 8, 2020. The complete series will also be released on NETFLIX from Jan.9 in Japan in advance.

【Sakura Ayane, playing Katja】
Q. Please tell us your impression on Katja.

She is anordinary, brave, noble girl.
She has a broad perspective although she lived in a small world, and I believe that her existence itself have a great impact on Jiro.

Q. May I have a comment for fans who are waiting for the anime?

Through the themes of “travel”, “food” and “dragon”, those themes made me think a lot.
I am looking forward to see this broad and living world through animation made by Polygon Pictures.
I hope that this anime will be loved by both fans from the original work and the new ones fromtheanime.

【Senbongi Sayaka, playing Nanami】
Q. Please tell us your impression on Nanami.

She is honest, serious, and has pride on her work and tradition. Furthermore, she is not so good at becoming friends with others. Because of that, when her face turned red from embarrassment, it was very charming and cute.

Q. May I have a comment for fans who are waiting for the anime?
I cannot wait to see anime to be completed! I am sure that it will be a wonderful anime, so please watch the anime closely from the beginning to end!

【Sakamoto Maaya, playing Ascella】
Q. Please tell us your impression on Ascella.

Ascella is a hunter rich with experience and knowledge, and a cool and reliable woman. I still getnervous during the recording of the anime, but I'll trie my best to play Ascella as a reliable, cool woman.

Q. May I have a comment for fans who are waiting for the anime?
This anime used prescoring, where we record our voices first, then the scenes are created according to the voices. I cannot wait to see the complete anime!
I would like to watch each episode together with fans every week!

【Suzuki Kiyonobu, playing Ura】
Q. Please tell us your impression on Ura.

He is a mysterious character, who has a great amount of knowledge about the world, such as how to cook a dragon.
He has an acute sense on top of being blind. He has a vinegar-like charm that youngsters have.

Q. May I have a comment for fans who are waiting for the anime?
Please enjoy the youngsters' journey, success, and drama that feels nostalgic at the same time.

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