The opening movie of TV animation “Keep Your Hands Off EIZOUKEN!” and the storyboard by Yuasa Masaaki have been released. The scene cuts of the original author, Owara Sumito, who worked on the ending movie himself, were also revealed, and both have become noteworthy.

“Keep Your Hands Off EIZOUKEN!” is originated from a manga serialized by Owara Sumito in “Monthly Big Comic Spirits”. The plot surrounds three high school girls who come together in the Video Research Club to turn the best ideas inside their brains into anime.. Directed by Yuasa Masaaki, animation production by Science SARU.

The opening movie begins with a scene in vivid colors in which the three main character girls appear alternately and are drawn into the world of work. The video was highly addictive, attracted by three girls dancing to the opening theme music “Easy Breezy” sung by chelmico.

Director Yuasa was in charge of the opening storyboard. It was confirmed that the dance scene choreography also had detailed instructions.

The ending movie was handled by the original author Owara Sumito. He became a staff member of Science SARU only for this video. The final footage is a noteworthy one.

(C) 2020 Owara Sumito, Shogakukan / “EIZOUKEN” Production Committee