Voice actress and artist Yasuno Kiyono's 2nd Live Concert Tour 2019 “○。(Marumaru)” had its last show in Maihama Amphitheater in Chiba on Dec. 21. She performed the long-awaited new song “Hare Moyou”, revealing it to the world for the very first time. It will be the ending theme song to the anime series “Arte” which will be broadcast in Spring 2020.

After touring in Kanagawa and Osaka, the very last show was a full house, with last-minute addition same-day tickets being immediately sold out. The band began to play amidst huge applause, and Yasuno appeared on the upper stage in a white and sky blue dress singing the gentle song “I remember”.

After greeting everyone with “Hello everyone. I'm Yasuno Kiyono,” she walked down to the amphitheater's special circular stage and moved around as if to greet each and every member of the audience while performing the cheerful song “Sayonara Soleil”.

Both “I remember” and “Sayonara Soleil” are from her first mini-album “Namida。”.

Yasuno has released 3 mini-albums as of now, and the set list consisted of those mini-albums performed in three parts. She sang every song in order from her 1st mini-album “Namida。”, 2nd-mini album “Egao。”, and then her 3rd mini-album “Okaeri。” The concert was an exact reflection of its title “Marumaru” (which means completely).

When Yasuno said, “Maihama Amphitheater, I'm back!” the audience loudly responded “Welcome back!” This was the usual call-and-response from her third mini-album “Okaeri. (I'm back)”, but as the very last show of her first live tour was in Maihama (held on Dec. 22, 2018) as well, this call-and-response held a particularly special meaning.
Yasuno said, “I'm so happy I can have my final show here again in the place where I can see everyone's face closely,” showing her calming bright smile.

The concert then continued into an acoustic set. She sang the gentle “Chiisana Hitotsubu” as she sat on a stool before performing an acoustic version of the upbeat “Higeki Nante Kirai” which includes a handkerchief performance. As the guitar rang out, Yasuno stood up from the stool and sang passionately while waving a handkerchief.

The “Namida。” part of her show ended with the audience singing along to the chorus of “Namida” and Yasuno singing “Ne, Hanashi wo Shiyou” while sitting on the stage stairs. Yasuno then left the stage for a while, and the audio of her reading a poem she wrote just for the tour played in the meantime.

Next was her 2nd mini-album “Egao。” Yasuno appeared wearing a multi-shade orange dress, and sang the pop number “Fuwafuwa to Shiteru” written by EPO, and the relaxed groovy “Egao。” After the MC part, she soulfully performed the heartrending “Kasukana Kanashimi” and “Nageki no Sora”.

She then introduced the band. With the new addition of the female chorus, this tour had six members in the band. The band's name is “Alien Boys”, taken from the song in “Okaeri。”

The next three songs made up the climax of the midway point in her show. She threw signed balls to the audience during “Boku no Venus” and did things like taking commemorative photos during “Wonder Shot” to further energize the upbeat song during the interlude. With the performance of the single “Rocket Beat”, the “Egao。” part of her show ended.

And finally came the part of her newest work, “Okaeri。” After singing the refreshing “Minami Kaze Sore wa Kitto” and the cute “kiss! kiss! kiss!”, she did the “Everyone, I'm back!” and “Welcome back!” call-and-response once more.

Yasuno then continuously performed 4 songs. She sang the nostalgic-sounding “Natsuiro Hanabi” in a kind voice, and passionately sang “Destino~ Koi wa Ichibyou no Eien” with a Spanish guitar intro while dancing a flamenco-style choreography. She sang the jazzy “Alien Boy” and the ballad “Okaeri。”, showing off various sides of her skilled voice with the two very different genres of songs.

The main part of the show ended with “Ikiru” which has choreography using a yellow flag. It's a cheerful song with a marching rhythm and the audience waved flags along with Yasuno's steps.

The encore began with “ULTIMATE b (flat)”, the insert song for “Saekano the Movie: Finale”. It is the theme song for Katou Megumi, the heroine voiced by Yasuno, and the audience responded excitedly the moment the intro played.

In addition, the second encore song saved exclusively for the last show, was the new song “Hare Moyou,” the ending theme to the anime series “Arte” which will be broadcast in Spring 2020. Yasuno revealed that she will be playing Dacha in the anime, and said, “The story is about a girl who aims to become an artist in Italy. A truly wonderful new song was created for it. I would like to perform for you with my whole heart.” It was a song that reminds one of the sun's warmth just like its title, and it was a perfect fit for Yasuno.

The three-hour show ended with “Aitakute”, the coupling song from the single “Rocket Beat”. She performed every song in her repertoire that night, including the to-be-released new song.

Yasuno closed the show by saying “Please come to my concert again, the home to the 'Yasuno Family'. See you, everyone!”, and sent off the audience. The fun gathering ended with the audience replying “See you later!”