“ARCANA PROJECT”, a new female idol unit project was announced on Dec. 15 as a new collaboration project between “Dearstage” and “Lantis”. The 6-member vocal unit's theme is based on tarot cards.

“ARCANA PROJECT” is the result of a collaboration between “Dearstage”, the agency behind for idol units “Dempagumi.inc” and “STAR☆ANIS” from anime “Aikatsu!”, and “Lantis”, music publisher responsible for producing numerous anime hit songs. The 6-member group is set to debut in 2020. Basing their style around the theme of 'tarot cards', the unit is set to challenge various genres of music while honoring the anime-song world, which the members are part of.

There are already CD release plans for 2020 as well as an event planned for January. The unit is expected to gather a lot of attention, being a project orchestrated by two big names in the female idol and anime song industry.

(Members profile)
Sakurano Usa

Sakurano had her major debut in 2016 as a member of the band “Mousou Calibration”, performing as the lead vocal, drawing fans' attention with her completely devoted and emotional singing performances. After a world tour and countrywide tour inside Japan, the group came to an end after its final live at ZeppDiverCity in Feb. 2019. She is also currently an active member of the twin vocal unit “LAVILITH” alongside Aizawa Risa from “Dempagumi.inc”.

Hanamiya Hana

The former member of “BiS 2nd”, Hanamiya has a strong presence with her impressive singing abilities. After the group disbanded after their last public performance on this year's May at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka, she was assigned to DEARSTAGE. In July 2019 she also announced her debut as an actress in the horror movie FIND.

Aida Shion

Aida debuted as a singer in the inspired album from anime “Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert, as Long as She's a Cutie?” in Sep. 2019. Aida was born in China, making her a bilingual. With a positive personality, she loves all kinds of games, regardless of the genre. Her hobby is playing them and watching online videos of gamers during her free time.

Sorano Aozora

Nicknamed “Aonyan”, Sorano is a multi-talented idol is also known as the Blue Comet. Besides performing on live events, Sorano also appeared in several TV commercials, corporate ads, as well as modeling for apparel brands. Her singing style extends across diverse music genres like electronic, hardstyle and trance, featured in high-profile animes.

Sasaki Mai

Always attracted to singing, Sasaki first got onto the stage when she was 2 years and 5 months old. In 2014 she won first place in the TV program “THE Karaoke★Battle”. After being given the title of top-4 singers under 18, she was ranked 5th in a selection of the top singers in the last year of the Heisei era. As a young highschooler singer full of potential, her reputation is on the rise.

Amano Hikaru

Amano got to be a member of the unit by winning through the audition held by Lantis and Dearstage. She is the youngest member of the unit, winning the approval of all the judges after displaying a superbly strong performance.