A live event in which the idols from “Idol Time Pripara” and “Kiratto Pri Chan” assembles , called “Pripara&Kiratto Pri Chan Winter Live 2019”, was held on Dec. 15, at Makuhari Messe Event Hall, Chiba.
At the event, the new visual for “Kiratto Pri Chan”‘s 3rd season was released along with the announcement of 3rd season’s production, and it has also been announced that Sorami Smile and DressingPafe will participate in “Pretty All Friends Project”.

The daytime live began with the opening theme song of the TV animation, “Kiratto Pri Chan”, called “Kirarist・Jewerist”, sung by Run Girls, Run!. Following “Go! Up! Stardum!” exciting the audience.
The next artist was DressingFlower from “Pripara”, performing “Tondemo SUMMER ADVENTURE” to blow cold winter away. Consecutively, My☆Dream, also from “Pripara”, appeared on the sub stage, and performed “Heartful Dream” with enjoyable chants from the audiences saying, “Dinner! Time! Noodles! Choice: Time!”.

When the song was over, Nonsugar performed “Charismart GIRL☆Yeah!”, going through the passage by the audience, riding a trolly. LALA (Akaneya Himika) and Non (Tanaka Minami) showed a performance with warmth, which the nice relationship between the sisters can bee seen easily.
Next came Mirai (Hayashi Koko) singing “One・Two・Sweets” and Rinka (atsugi Nanami) singing “Kirari Awakening☆Reincarnation”, both performing solo tracks from “Kiratto Pri Chan”. Hibiki (Saiga Natsumi) appeared on a trolly and performed “Usotsuki wa Tomorrow no Hajimari” (Lying is the beginning of tomorrow) with coolness and charmed the audiences at the concert.

After performing “Kimi 100% Jinsei”, Cosmo (Yamamoto Nozomi) said, “We have a new song today, and this is the first time ever to perform!”. She performed the new song, “Burn! Cosmic Liberty” surprising the audiences.
After “Cosmic! Cosmax!” excited the audiences so much that it did not seems to be performing for the first time, the artists continued with a medley. Anna (Serizawa Yuu) and Sarah (Wakai Yuuki) performed a rock tune, “Play☆Sound”, Maria sang a cute song, “Shiawa Sei Kawaii Sanka”, Meru’s solo track “Space! Spice! Spectacle!”, and connected to Sarah (Wakai Yuuki)’s solo , “My Secret heArtbeats”, wrapping up with Anna (Serizawa Yuu)’s new solo track, “Heroin’s Drama, putting the event into the best excitement.

At the announcement part. a special screening to announce the production of “Kiratto Pri Chan”‘s 3rd season had been shown, new group outfit for Miracle☆Kirattsu, and new silhouette for secret idol was released, and the the event hall was filled with cheers.
Furthermore, participation of Sorami Smile and Dressing Pafe to “Pretty All Friends”was announced, and the full visuals for the characters in mature outfit was released.

The later half of the live started with Gaarmageddon’s popular song “Amazing Castle”. NonSugar and My☆Dream followed and performed their popular songs, and DressingPafe at the substage “CHANGE! MY WORLD” and excited the audience.
The next artist was Shuuka (Asahina Maruka), performing “Miss. Prioner”, a song which a chant “Idol time is money!” brings unity and excitement., and Gaara (Kurosawa Tomoyo) performed “Ring ring♪ Gaara Far Land”. Narudaia (Sasaki Riko), who was making her first appearance on the stage, was welcomed with a great cheer, and beautifully performed “Friend Password”, a song which was recently released in the TV animation, “Kiratto Pri Chan”.

The live proceeded to end. Meltic Star appeared on the stag, and performed musical-like song, “Netemo Sametemo DREAMIN’ GIRL” and performed “La LA Meltic Star” with vibrant dance for the first time.
All artists appeared on the stage and sang “Crew-Sing! Friend-Ship” together for the finale, and it was full of excitement with call-and-response saying, “Yosoro!”.

At the last MC, Shuuka (Asahina Maruka) commented, “Each light her is filled with dreams. I will keep on making these dreams come true!!”, looking at the light of the concert lights, and Dia (Sasaki Riko) who made the first appearance on the stage commented, “I felt excitement together with you”.
At the last, Mirai (Hayashi Koko) concluded the MC section saying, “Thanks to you, ‘Kiratto Pri Chan’s 3rd season has been decided. Please cheer and follow Pretty series!” and while the hall was filled with kind cheers and applause, colorful silver tape and 11,000 concert lights shine, and the event finished with unity.

(C)T-ARTS / syn Sophia / TV Tokyo / IPP Production Committee (C)T-ARTS / syn Sophia / TV Tokyo / PCH2Production Committee