The TV anime “Kaiju No. 8” will be broadcast from April 2024 on the TV Tokyo network and will also be streamed in real-time worldwide on X (formerly Twitter). The additional cast members confirmed for the series are Shin Yuuki, Komoto Keisuke, and Takeuchi Shunsuke. Visuals of their respective characters have been released, along with their comments.

“Kaiju No. 8” is a TV anime based on a manga by Matsumoto Naoya, which is currently being serialized in Shueisha’s manga app “Shonen Jump+”. It has surpassed 12 million copies in domestic distribution, including digital editions, across its 11 published volumes.
The story begins with Hibino Kafka, who works in a specialized monster-cleaning business, being transformed into a powerful “kaiju” by a mysterious small kaiju, just as he starts to pursue his long-held dream of joining the “Japan Defense Force” to combat kaiju that regularly threaten people.

The additional cast members confirmed were Shin Yuuki as Furuhashi Iharu, Komoto Keisuke as Izumo Haruichi, and Takeuchi Shunsuke as Kaguragi Aoi. These characters aim to join the Japan Defense Force alongside Kafka and Leno.

Furuhashi Iharu is the top graduate of the Hachioji Neutralization Technical College, aiming to join the Japan Defense Force. Though he is competitive in nature and speaks rough, he is actually a mood-maker with a compassionate heart. Izumo Haruichi is an elite graduate of Tokyo Neutralization University and is the heir to Izumo Tech, the leading domestic manufacturer of anti-kaiju weapons.
Kaguragi Aoi, a young hope of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, aims to join the Defense Force. Though he doesn’t show his emotions, he is always calm and values teamwork. With the announcement, visuals for each character were released, and comments from Shin, Komoto, and Takeuchi were also shared.

As “Kaiju No. 8” starts airing in April 2024 on the TV Tokyo network and is streamed globally in real-time on X, anticipation grows for how the characters played by Shin Yuuki, Komoto Keisuke, and Takeuchi Shunsuke will relate to Kafka and the other characters. Let’s look forward to the story that unfolds with these new characters.

Shin Yuuki

I feel that Iharu is an incredibly passionate man. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to play such a character.
He’s a strong character who gives his all in everything and inspires those around him, so I also want to put my full effort into portraying him. I’ll do my best to bring out his masculine and human qualities, and all the attractive aspects of his character.
I think he’s the type of person who gains strength from everyone’s support, so I’d really appreciate your cheers and support.

Komoto Keisuke

I have been given the opportunity to play the role of Izumo Haruichi. He’s the kind of guy who looks out for his friends with a mix of gentle oversight and fiery passion. I’m committed to giving my all to bring this character to life!
I’ve been a fan of the original manga, reading it with a mix of anticipation and excitement, so being a part of this project is a dream come true.
I’m looking forward to working with the production team and cast, and we’re all putting our best efforts into it, so please look forward to the show!
Thank you very much.

Takeuchi Shunsuke

The set is always buzzing with energy, and we have a great team dynamic.
The character might come off as cool, but he’s got a lot of youthful traits that I’m keen to capture in my voice acting.
I’m excited for everyone to see this eagerly awaited anime adaptation.

Original Work: Matsumoto Naoya (serialized in Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump +”)
Director: Miya Shigeyuki, Kamiya Tomomi
Series Composition / Script Writer: Ookouchi Ichiro
Character Design: Nishio Tetsuya
Kaiju Design: Maeda Mahiro
Art Director: Kimura Shinji
Color Design: Hirose Izumi
3D Director: Matsumoto Masaru
Photography Director: Arai Eiji
Editor: Hida Bun
Audio Director: Gou Fumiyuki
Music: Bando Yuta
Kaiju Design & Works: Studio Khara
Animation Production: Production I.G

Hibino Kafka / Kaiju No.8: Fukunishi Masaya
Ashiro Mina: Seto Asami
Ichikawa Leno: Kato Wataru
Shinomiya Kikoru: Fairouz Ai
Hoshina Soshiro: Kawanishi Kengo
Furuhashi Iharu: Shin Yuuki
Izumo Haruichi: Komoto Keisuke
Kaguragi Aoi: Takeuchi Shunsuke

(C)Defense Force Third Division (C)Matsumoto Naoya / Shueisha