The seventh season of the TV anime “My Hero Academia” will be broadcast from spring 2024. Along with this announcement, the second teaser visual depicting Deku and his friends gazing ahead to the decisive battle, newly drawn by Umakoshi Yoshihiko, the character designer of this work, has also been released.

“My Hero Academia” is a hero action manga series serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” by Horikoshi Kohei, which has sold more than 85 million copies worldwide. Set in a world where the existence of people with supernatural abilities called “Quirks” is commonplace, the story unfolds as the main character, Midoriya Izuku aka Deku, grows up with his friends at the prestigious hero training school, U.A. High School, to become a “Hero” who protects society and stands up against “Villains,” criminals who abuse their “Quirks”. Currently, the serialization of the story is approaching its climax.

The TV anime series based on it is produced by Studio BONES, which has produced numerous masterpieces, and has now aired its sixth season. In the sixth season, the “Paranormal Liberation War Arc” between Deku and other heroes and their enemies; villains, such as Shigaraki Tomura, and the “Dark Hero Arc”, which strongly depicts the bond between Deku, who is wounded and frustrated but determined to fight alone, and his classmates who try to bring him back, unfold. The story, which unfolded on a scale never seen before in the series’ history, excited fans and viewers alike.

It has now been decided that the seventh season, which was announced in the final episode of the sixth season (episode 138), will be broadcast in the spring of 2024. Along with this announcement, the second teaser visual for the seventh season, drawn by Umakoshi Yoshihiko, the character designer of the series, and produced by BONES, has also been released.

The seventh season begins with episode 329 from the original comic book volume 34. Through the all-out war against the enemy “Villains” and lonely battles, Deku has renewed his determination to win not alone by himself, but together, with the students and professional heroes of U.A. All for One, a giant evil that targets Deku’s “One For All” quirk, and the Villains, including Shigaraki Tomura, who is determined to “destroy everything”. The final battle is about to begin.
The second teaser visual depicts Deku, Bakugou Katsuki, Uraraka Ochako, and Todoroki Shoto as they quietly gaze ahead to the decisive battle against the Villains.

In preparation for the broadcast of the seventh season, “My Hero Academia” TV anime series will be available on the video streaming service “TVer” starting from December 17, starting with the memorable first episode “Izuku Midoriya: Origin,” all 138 episodes from the first to the sixth seasons will be distributed free of charge for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to review the series.

The seventh TV anime series of “My Hero Academia” will be broadcast from the spring of 2024 on 29 Yomiuri and Nippon Television networks nationwide. In addition, production of the fourth and latest film version of “My Hero Academia the Movie,” for which Horikoshi Kohei, the author of the original story, is supervising and drafting the characters, has also been decided. We look forward to more news about this in the near future.

“My Hero Academia”
TV anime 7th season to be broadcast in spring 2024!
Yomiuri and Nippon Television Network 29 stations nationwide *Excluding some areas

Original story: Horikoshi Kohei (Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump” series) Animation production: BONES

Midoriya Izuku: Yamashita Daiki/Bakugou Katsuki: Okamoto Nobuhiko/Uraraka Ochako: Sakura Ayane/Iida Tenya: Ishikawa Kaito/Todoroki Shoto: Kaji Yuki
Shigaraki Tomura: Uchiyama Koki/Dabi (Todoroki Toya): Shimono Hiro/Toga Himiko: Fukuen Misato
Star and Stripe: Park Romi
All Might: Miyake Kenta/All for One: Otsuka Akio
≪TV Animation first to sixth seasons available on video distribution services! ≫
(C) Horikoshi Kohei/Shueisha, My Hero Academia Production Committee