It was announced that the manga “Kaiju No. 8” by Matsumoto Naoya, currently serialized in Shueisha’s manga magazine app “Shonen Jump+”, will be made into animation. Along with this announcement, a visual and a special report announcing the anime adaptation have been released.

The setting of “Kaiju No. 8” is a world where kaiju terrorize people on a daily basis. The main character, Hibino Kafka, once aspired to join the “Defense Force” to defeat kaiju, but gave up on that dream once, but an event triggered his desire to become a member of the Defense Force again.
The work features the drama of people who live strong, though sometimes damaged, in a world where kaiju live side by side with them, as well as the powerful battles between the Defense Force equipped with the most advanced equipment and the kaiju that mercilessly attack them.

Since its serialization began in July 2020, the total number of manga sold has exceeded 8 million copies, and the total number of views on “Jump+” has exceeded an astonishing 300 million. It was ranked No. 1 in the Web manga category in the “Next Manga Award 2021” and No. 1 in annual sales of the first volume of manga in fiscal year 2020, and boasts outstanding name recognition even before it has been made into a media product.

Looking overseas, “MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA” and other services distribute the manga simultaneously in eight languages and all but a few regions around the world. The print edition has been published in 35 countries and regions and has been well received around the world.

The announcement of the new anime adaptation was made on August 5, the “Day of No. 8” The original title logo of the anime, which was unveiled along with the announcement, is centered on the striking “8” that serves as the icon of the work, and is designed to evoke a sense of awe and wariness toward kaiju.
The logo symbolizes the threat of kaiju and the battle of the Defense Force against them, further enhancing the appeal of the animation.

A powerful special news release announcing the animation was also unveiled, as if peering into the “world where kaiju appear in everyday life,” which is a feature of this work. Shaded pictures of urban areas are accompanied by corporate advertisements and traffic signs that evoke the world of the film, while sirens and murmurs stir up uneasiness.

And the music was written by the playwright of the film. The orchestral sound that evokes the fierceness of the kaiju and the guitar sound that symbolizes the heroism of the Defense Force foreshadow an unprecedented epic battle. What will happen in a world where reality and fiction intermingle? The result is a work that evokes a sense of anticipation that wells up in the midst of disquiet.

Details of the “Kaiju No. 8” anime will be announced at a later date. We look forward to hearing more about it in the future.

(C) The Defense Force Squad 3 (C) Matsumoto Naoya/Shueisha