September 12 is Takeuchi-Shunsuke-san’s birthday.

He debuted as a voice actor in the 2010s. He won the Best Rookie Actors in the 10th Seiyu Awards. In 2021, he plays the roles in “Burning Kabaddi”, “SEVEN KNIGHTS REVOLUTION: Hero Successor”, “Bakugan: Geogan Rising”, etc. He is also appearing in “My Senpai Is Annoying” and “Ryoma! Rebirth: The Prince of Tennis Movie”.

To celebrate his birthday, we conducted a readers’ survey, “Who is your favorite character played by Takeuchi-Shunsuke-san?”. There were 129 votes during the survey period from August 26 to September 2.
For the gender ratio, the females were the majority with about 70% while the males were about 30%. For the age distribution, we received the majority of responses from readers of young ages: about 30% were teens, about 35% were in their 20s, and about 20% were in their 30s.

■Characters related to songs occupied the top!

1st Place

1st place went to Hyodo Juza from “A3!”. The support rating was about 18%.

He is a lonely wolf. The readers praised his growth as an actor, saying “He used to be a ham actor , but he is very diligent towards the stage-plays. I was moved by Takeuchi-san delicately playing Hyodo growing up as an actor little by little” and “How Takeuchi-san expressed Hyodo’s growth as an actor was amazing”.
Some readers were fascinated by the character’s unexpected side, saying “He is clumsy, but cares a lot about his friends. I also like the gap that he likes sweets”.

2nd Place

2nd place went to Olaf from “Frozen”. The support rating was about 10%.

Olaf is a snowman that Elsa built with her magical power. His remarkable cheerfulness attracted a lot of fans, and the received comments include, “I can tell how bright Olaf is, and the character is also adorable. He makes me want to tightly hug him!”, “Just to look at him appearing brings me fun and makes me smile”. Many readers also mentioned the musical scenes, saying “The character is a perfect role for Takeuchi-san as he is good at singing”.

3rd Place

3rd place went to Yamato Alexander from “King of Prism”. The support rating was about 8%.

Yamato Alexander is good at street dancing, and the readers said that they cannot forget the scenes of live-performances in the episodes. The received comments include “Takeuchi-san’s voice conveys how muscular the character is. His singing voice has a wild sexiness”, “Although the character looks tough and his personality is rough, his singing voice is beautiful. His unexpectedly gentle side is giving me a heart attack……”, and “His performance using his abs that he’s proud of is funny”.

■Let’s introduce other comments!

Brawler “Akudama Drive”
“He apparently looks nothing but a brawler and doesn’t think about anything, he is actually honest and cares a lot about his friends. Takeuchi-san’s lines and breathing convey Brawler’s thoughts, which left me impressions.”

Revolver “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”
“He has various sides, so he seems to be difficult to play. However, Takeuchi-san perfectly played both the reality and the virtual world.”

Satake Shogo “Caligula”
“I like that he has a strong will to move forward even though he struggles to deal with his traumatic experience in the past. The opening theme song sung by Takeuchi-san and Sawashiro Chiharu-san is super cool!”

Producer “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”
“I thought how wonderful this low voice is…… and I looked up who plays the character. I was surprised and impressed to see discover Takeuchi-san was still a high school student back then.”

In this survey, multiple characters related to songs have been ranked in. Including Hyodo Juza that came 1st, the characters with a little intimidating looking stand out in the ranking.

■Ranking Top 20

―Who is your favorite character played by Takeuchi Shunsuke-san?―
1. Hyodo Juza “A3!”
2. Olaf “Frozen”
3. Yamato Alexander “King of Prism”
4. Producer “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”
5. Zoffy “Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy”
7. Ryugasaki Jin “DREAM!ing”
8. Brawler “Akudama Drive”
8. Kogami Ryoken / Revolver “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”
8. Date Shinji “Burning Kabaddi”
11. Akechi Mitsuhide “Ikemen Sengoku: Romances Across Time”
11. Satake Shogo “Caligula”
13. Chiron “Fate/Apocrypha”
13. Kyotani Kentaro “Haikyu!!”
13. Gokuhara Gonta “Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony”
13. Suzuki Makoto “Tokyo Revengers”
13. Tsuzuki Makoto “Stand My Heroes”
13. Emperor “Bakumatsu”
13. Yuki Masashi “Ace of Diamond”
13. Lovecraft “Bungo Stray Dogs”
(Survey Period: August 26 – September 2, 2021)

*This survey is intended to research the readers’ “interest in anime and characters today”. It is not intended to discuss the relative merits of each character nor work. I would be glad if this article can help you develop an understanding and interest in anime and characters.