The second teaser visual and trailer for the upcoming TV anime “Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night” have been released, offering a glimpse of the outline of the story for broadcast in 2024.

“Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night” is an original anime directed by Takeshita Ryohei of “Eromanga Sensei” and written by Yaku Yuki, the original writer of “Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki”. The anime will be produced under the collaboration between popman3580 for character ideas, Taniguchi Junichiro for character design, and Doga Kobo, the animation studio known for “Oshi no Ko,” for animation production.
While the story details are yet to be announced, it is a coming-of-age ensemble drama set in the city of Shibuya, where girls who are new to creativity take on the challenge of anonymous creative activities.

The project was first announced in March 2023, and this time, the second teaser visual and trailer have been revealed.
The new visual retains the concept of film photography to capture the moments of girls drifting through the streets of Shibuya, with a sense of sequence from the previously released visual.

The trailer is a conceptual live-action clip created by director Takeshita Ryohei, inspired by the characters in the story. The video finish reflects the adolescence of girls discovering their creativity.

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