The second PV and non-credit opening video for the second season of the TV anime “Idolish7: Third Beat!” have been released. The latest information including the free streaming of episode 14, which was shown earlier in the season, was also announced.

“Idolish7” is a media mix project based on a full-scale rhythm game for smartphones, where you become a manager of a male idol group and chase your dreams with them.
The first and second TV anime seasons aired in 2018 and 2020, respectively, and the third season, “Idolish7: Third BEAT!” will be a two-part story based on the third part of the app game’s main story. The first season aired in 2021.

The second PV released this time depicts the anguish and struggles that the idols face and their attempts to overcome them.
The non-credit video for the opening song “WONDER LiGHT” has also been released, and both of these videos are sure to get viewers excited for the full-length version of the show.

Episode 14, a continuation of the first season, was previewed at the September 17 event. Episode 14 has been available on ABEMA and YouTube from September 17 at 5:00 p.m. until October 2.
In addition, from 10:00 a.m. on September 25, ABEMA will be streaming the entire first season of the series. This is a great opportunity to look back on the story.

In addition, information on the Blu-ray & DVD of the 2nd season has been released. The 5th volume, which will be the continuation of the 1st season, will be released on November 25th, and it is available for pre-orders of the “Blu-ray Nanairo Store Limited Edition” with special goods using TROIKA’s newly shot sleeve visuals on the official anime mail order site “Nanairo Store”.

As an early pre-order bonus for Blu-ray & DVD, a B2 half-size announcement poster will be given away. If you pre-order the 5th volume by October 18, you will receive one of all 7 IDOLiSH7 posters, and if you pre-order the 6th volume by November 16, you will receive one of all 4 ZOOL posters at random.
Tower Records will also offer a 2L-size bromide featuring the “NO ANiME, NO LiFE.” collaboration poster design if you pre-order Volume 5 by November 7.

In addition, visuals for special offers by corporations have also been released. The idols are holding the alphabets associated with the group’s name in an adorable pose.
Different items will be available on Nanairo Store, Animate,, Tower Records, Rakuten Books, Seven Net Shopping, and TROIKA Web Shop. Please check the official website for details.

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