“Monthly TV Guide November 2022 Issue” featuring the 7-people idol group, IDOLiSH7 from “Idolish7” on the back cover, will be released on September 22, 2022.

This is the first appearance of IDOLiSH7 on “Monthly TV Guide”. Other than appearing on the back cover, there is also a special 8-pages long article at the end of the magazine.

Their clothing on the back cover is a white shirts with the bandana that has a music symbol in each member’s colour, and their respective heart posture is a request from the editorial department.
Along with the variations of wearing the bandana, such as wrapping it on the arms, hanging it on the shoulder, and wearing it as a jacket, their heart posture are also different from each other. As if they are showing off their respective idol-side.

Also, in the interview, it featured various topics, such as their appeal point as an idol, their favourite TV programs, and respect toward other members. It also featured their message to the fans, and the comments of “It would make us happy if we can catch the interest of those who don’t know us, and we would also be happy if those who know us would like us more!” from the centre of the group, Nanase Riku have been released.

The lineups of “Monthly TV Guide November 2022 Issue” featuring IDOLiSH7 on the back cover, are Kanto Edition, Kansai Edition, Aichi & Mie & Gifu Edition, Fukuoka & Saga & Oita Edition, Hokkaido Edition, and Shizuoka Edition. It has a special price of 480 JPY. If the Kanto Edition is purchased at Animate, it will come with a novelty of “Mini Cover Bromide” that is selectable from 7 designs. So, don’t miss out on this magazine that you can enjoy the allure of the idol group IDOLiSH7 to the fullest.