The upcoming live-action movie ‘xxxHOLiC’, which will be released on April 29th, announced new cast members. Riho Yoshioka will play a key character Jorogumo, a bewitching evil woman who attacks Waranuki played by Ryunosuke Kamiki. Yuto Isomura will play Akagumo, a subordinate of Jorogumo who is infatuated with her.

The movie ‘xxxHOLiC’ is a dark fantasy based on the manga ‘xxxHOLiC’, which has sold over 14 million copies. The author is CLAMP, a group of creators known for paranormal works with aesthetic visuals. The story revolves around Kimihiro Watanuki (played by Ryunosuke Kamiki), a high school student who leads a lonely life due to his ability to see Ayakashi, beings that possess darkness in people’s minds. One day, Watanuki finds a “Mise (store)” that makes any wish come true in exchange for consideration. By meeting the owner Yuko Ichihara (played by Kou Shibasaki), Watanuki strays into his mysterious fate.

Jorogumo, who was announced to be played by Riho Yoshioka, is a bewitching evil woman who attacks Watanuki by controlling the “Ayakashi”. ‘Jorogumo is a bewitching, sexy, and evil woman who is a key character of this movie. It was really hard for me to act sexy, and I learned a lot by working out over and over.’, said Yoshioka.

Akagumo, played by Yuto Isomura, is an original character for the movie, and Joro Spider’s subordinate who worships her. ‘Akagumo plays into Joro Spider’s hands and gets turned on by her seductiveness. He was a difficult character to play, but also attractive.’, said Isomura.

This is the first time for both Yoshioka and Isomura to join “the Ninagawa Family”. Yoshioka comments delightfully, ‘I was surprised when I got this offer because I grew up reading ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’. It is such an honor to play a role in one of CLAMP’s works. I was excited to be in the beautiful world of “xxxHOLiC” with Ms.Ninagawa’.
Isomura also comments, ‘I have always wanted to work with Ms.Ninagawa. Akagumo is a new character, so I was looking forward to playing as well as seeing the new world view for the movie’.

The character photos taken by the director Ninagawa were also released with a beautiful and sexy finish. Look forward to Jorogumo played by Yoshioka and Akagumo played by Isomura in the movie.

The ultimate visual fantasy by Mika Ninagawa, “xxxHOLiC” will be released on April 29th. Stay tuned for the follow-up information.

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