A new song “Scramble Days” by Sphere, a four-member unit consisting of Kotobuki Minako, Takagaki Ayahi, Tomatsu Haruka, and Toyosaki Aki, has been released for the first time in about a year and three months, digitally on February 15, the anniversary of their formation. We have received comments from the members.

The new song “Scramble Days” is the first digital single release for “Sphere”, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary year in 2019-2020 since its CD debut in 2009. It will also be their first new song since “Sign”, the ending theme song for the second season of Ultraman Taiga, which was released in November 2019.

The song was made by Kotobuki Minako, who is currently living in the UK, and Takagaki Ayahi, Tomatsu Haruka, and Toyosaki Aki through a remote production process. For the music video and jacket photo, they used photos and videos of the “best Sphere poses” solicited from fans, which made “bond” with not only the 4 members but also many people as a digital single.

In addition, “MOON SIGNAL (Orch ver.)” and “Super Noisy Nova (Xmas ver.)”, which were performed at the “LAWSON premium event Sphere’s MusicRainbow07” held online at the end of 2020, are included as coupling songs on the single. Sphere has improved its skills after 10 years of activity, and the self-covered songs by the Sphere band members are also noteworthy.

Full text of comments
Kotobuki Minako
As I’m currently far away in the UK, I’m grateful to be able to connect with you all through Sphere’s new song “Scramble Days”! I recorded the song in a studio in England.
The melody line and the lyrics written by Kimiko from nano.RIPE are very straightforward and pleasant, and the structure is a bit complicated and interesting. I often listen to it while taking a walk and looking up at the sky. I’ll see you again “on the other side of the slope that leads to the future♪”

Takagaki Ayahi
One of the members of Sphere is currently in England, but I’ve been secretly wishing to create a new song even though she was away.
But, who could predict the world would turn out like this? Now that it is difficult for everyone to meet in person, this song was born. Our thoughts, Kimiko’s lyrics from nano.RIPE, and the thoughts of our fans have come together to create a digital single filled with love. Like a hope, like a vow… May this song connect our hearts and stay close to you!

Tomatsu Haruka
This is the Sphere’s first distribution-only song, and it’s been a while since the last one was released! The song is filled with the message that we are connected even though we are far away from each other.
The jacket and the music video were made by not only our fans but also everyone who has helped us. I hope you’ll listen to it in full!

Toyosaki Aki
I’m so grateful that a new song was able to be released on the day that marks the 13th year of Sphere’s formation. Scramble Days was created online as much as possible, from the song discussions to the visual work. It’s our first digital release, and we hope you can feel the many challenges and possibilities.
We sang this song with feelings that our hearts are always with you even if we are physically apart. I hope this song will gently reach the hearts of those who listen to it.