“Say You To Yoasobi Thursday ‘Namikawa Daisuke X Ishikawa Kaito’ #38” featuring the voice actors, Namikawa Daisuke and Ishikawa Kaito, was broadcast on February 10, 2022, on “Anime LIVE Channel” of the brand new futuristic TV “ABEMA”.

During the broadcast, various corners were held and it mainly revolved around Ishikawa, who announced his transfer on the previous week. The renewal of Ishikawa’s information was done via several corners, such as “Let’s create the profile of Stay Luck’s Ishikawa Kaito!” and “Enjoy the voice sample of Stay Luck’s Ishikawa Kaito!”.

This 90 minutes broadcast focused on Ishikawa, who announced his transfer to Stay Luck, which was founded by Namikawa. After Namikawa said “Today I will be appearing as the boss Namikawa. So, do your best, Ishikawa-kun” that is a mixture of joking and seriousness, Ishikawa gave a wry smile and said, “It’s going to be really hard for me.”

After that, the corner “Let’s create the profile of Stay Luck’s Ishikawa Kaito!” was held. The current profile of Ishikawa is quite simple as it only consists of his place of birth, height, and hobbies, which are “Sauna, Games, and Computer”. Since Namikawa mentioned that a profile is used to appeal to the public and Ishikawa is “The veteran”, this corner focused on creating a more impactful profile.

The additional entries suggested by the program are “weight”, “slogan”, “prohibited thing”, and “boss’s recommendation”, this caused Ishikawa to retort continuously with “There is no one who will put these!”, ‘This is confidential to the public!”, and “Is this really okay? (Haha)”. However, after that, he become obedient and started to take his body measurement properly during the live broadcast.
Furthermore, Ishikawa answered the other entries, which are “slogan”, “prohibited thing”, “talent”, etc., and thought together with the audiences on the catchphrase, such as “Cheeky Respect”, “I’m Underling” as he added a strange entry to his profile. Before the corner end, Namikawa has announced the “boss’s recommendation”.

While putting Ishikawa’s expectations aside, Namikawa gave some simple answers, saying “As he is very energetic… let just put ‘energetic’!!”. Ishikawa, who was surprised by that, remained calm and said “Okay! Let’s go with that!”, and the unique, new profile of Ishikawa Kaito was completed (?).

During the second half of the program, the corner “Let’s take the publicity photo of Stay Luck’s Ishikawa Kaito!” as a serious (!?) photography session with a professional photographer was held.
First, the photo of Namikawa in his late 20’s was shown as an example, and toward the long hair and young Namikawa, Ishikawa retorted “The hair is so long!” and “I saw this at the Kabukicho”. Toward this surprise teasing, Namikawa muttered “This isn’t good! Aren’t I being teased now!” as he dropped down in the studio.

After that, in order to return to his roots, Ishikawa wore the same red checker shirts that he has worn in his 17 years old’s publicity photo, and the photography session has started. He also recreated the same expression, which is a stiff smile, and Namikawa unexpectedly gave his approval toward this innocence.

Other than that, he had his photo taken in the smug appearance while holding a rose, and also in the sauna outfit as well as having fun by inserting the catchphrase on the photo. Then, he also had his photo taken in the clothing that he requested.

In order to imitate the publicity photo of Namikawa, Ishikawa made use of various items. This caused Namikawa to panic while saying “Hey! Aren’t it the same!” and “Eh? Are you for serious” as Ishikawa showed off his coolness in the same coordination of Namikawa’s publicity photo. However, Namikawa later praised him saying “It is very cool. You had a good body style!” as the photography session continued under the supervision of the boss Namikawa Daisuke.

Also, “Say You To Yoasobi” will be on a break for one week from February 14, and since it is Valentine’s Day, the “Selected Sweet Broadcast” from each weekday will be broadcast. At 10:00 PM of February 17, “Say You To Yoasobi Thursday ‘Namikawa Daisuke X Ishikawa Kaito’ #14” featuring the serious sweet whisper to the dummy head microphone will be broadcast, and it can be watched for free for one week after the broadcast.

“Anime LIVE Channel”/ “Say You To Yoasobi Thursday ‘Namikawa Daisuke X Ishikawa Kaito’ #38”
Broadcast on February 10, 2022 (Thursday)
Performers: Namikawa Daisuke, Ishikawa Kaito
※Streaming is limited for “ABEMA Premium”