The collaboration between “Visual Prison” and “The Vampire Dies in No Time” has been announced. The collaboration visual and collaboration PV from these two works that have several mutual connections, such as “Vampire”, the series composition is handled by Sugawara Yukie, and Furukawa Makoto is the main cast.

The collaboration visual portrays Yuki Ange, Guiltia Brion, and Pannya from “Visual Prison” and Draluc, Ronald, and John from “The Vampire Dies in No Time” wearing each other costumes. This is a visual that can only be seen from this collaboration.

Two types of collaboration PVs, which are “Visual Prison” ver. and “The Vampire Dies in No Time” ver., have been released. Furukawa Makoto is the narrator for both the PV, and for the “Visual Prison” ver., it will be done in the voice of Ronald from “The Vampire Dies in No Time” while the voice of Guiltia Brion of “Visual Prison” is used for “The Vampire Dies in No Time” ver.

Do listen carefully to the narration that was written by Sugawara Yukie, who handled the series composition of both works.

Also, on episode 4 of “Visual Prison”, which will be broadcast on October 30, the main cast of “The Vampire Dies in No Time”, Fukuyama Jun and Tamura Mutsumi, will be making an appearance. So, do look forward to the broadcast to see what role they are voicing.

TV Anime “Visual Prison” (C) Noriyasu Agematsu,Afredes/Project VP
TV Anime “The Vampire Dies in No Time” (C) Bonnoki Itaru (Akita Shoten)/ The Production Committee Dies in No