Voice actor, actor, and singer Miyano Mamoru held his first arena live concert “MAMORU MIYANO COMEBACK LIVE 2021 ~RELIVING!~” at Pia Arena MM in Kanagawa, Japan for 2 days on October 9 and 10, a total of 4 stage performances.

Last year, Miyano’s first dome concert “MAMORU MIYANO SPECIAL LIVE ~LIVING!~” was canceled due to the pandemic of the COVID-19.
In spite of this, Miyano has been searching for possibilities of live performances that can be done now, and in December 2020, he held his first online live performance, “MAMORU MIYANO STUDIO LIVE ~STREAMING!~” (hereinafter referred to as “STREAMING!”), providing a new form of entertainment that connects with viewers in real time, and concluding the concert with a wish for “a future where he can perform concerts in front of his fans again.”

“MAMORU MIYANO COMEBACK LIVE ~ RELIVING!~” (hereinafter referred to as “RELIVING!”) was the first step for Miyano to resume his live entertainment. Miyano, who had finally reunited with his fans, sang with all his heart on four-stage performances over the two days.

The final performance “STAGE 04” started with the venue turning dark and the opening video on the screen. The number “762” on the screen was the number of days from the concert “MAMORU MIYANO ASIA LIVE TOUR 2019 ~BLAZING!~” held with the physical audience on September 8, 2019, until the day of the concert.

From there, scenes of meetings and rehearsals were shown, as if tracing the path to the “RELIVING!” When the count reached “0”, Miyano, band members and dancers appeared on stage wrapped in long black jackets. Miyano said, “Guys, I’m back! Mamo’s performance is back, I’ve missed you so much! We’ve been waiting for this!” Miyano shared with his fans the joy of being on a live stage for the first time in a long time.

Miyano broached, “This is our first live concert with an audience in two years. I’ve been working hard to see this scenery,” and continued saying, “I know there are still some hard times ahead, but we’ll prove it. We will be your “guideposts” for the future. Please look at us and walk with us so that you won’t get lost on the road ahead!” He encouraged the fans. Then the intro of the opening number “MILESTONE” was played and the curtain went up for “RELIVING!”

Miyano sang the song with a message of “sharing the joy of reunion”, waving his hands and smiling, and went on to sing “ZERO to INFINITY” and “Question”. The audience got excited by the cute choreography of “HELLO!”

They then performed a medley of four songs: “Magic”, “The Birth”, “EVER LOVE”, and “Identity”. The band played a variety of songs from rock to pop dance music at a good tempo, and the audience, who got into high spirits, was fascinated by their performance.

In “Follow Me Now”, the band members and dancers “TEAM MAMO” were in the spotlight amidst the groovy sound. “After the solo performances arranged by each member, Miyano joined the group in a blue-green jacket and closed the performance with the shout “TEAM MAMO!”

Next, they performed “Dream on”, the title track of their new single released in July. The pop dance number was sung with a lot of emotion, and the audience was intoxicated with the mellow atmosphere. Miyano said, “I’d like to go to my usual corner from here. I’d like you all to take a seat and spend a relaxing time with me,” he urged the audience, and went into the ballad corner, which is a customary part of Miyano’s concert.

Miyano mentioned that this live show was being streamed in various ways, and then he talked about the stage performance he had given in 2020. Miyano sang “Zanshou”, a song that was born from his experience in the world of pure literature, in a refreshing way.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the “Living!” concert that I was supposed to hold last year. I regretted it at that time. But we all hoped together that we would be able to do it someday, with the idea of “Road to LIVING!” This “RELIVING!” includes “LIVING!”. This concert is being held with the spirit of “LIVING!”. The feelings we had then are still with us today,” he said, looking back on the journey to this concert where he had shared his feelings with the fans.

He then said, “The next song is one that I thought could be reborn after “RELIVING!” I’ve tried to give it a more mature and sexy arrangement. With this introduction, he sang “LAST DANCE” in a romantic and jazzy arrangement. In the lyrical mood, they moved to the corner where they introduced the band members who supported Miyano. The audience couldn’t help but smile as they had casual conversation and interaction such as clapping their hands together and talking about their impressions of the first arena live show in a long time.

Then, he said, “I thought that Mamo’s live show needs to be not only ‘cool’ but also ‘funny’”, he moved on to the variety corner. Miyano light-heartedly sang a song “Why is it that when you buy a loaf of bread that was really good at tasting, and then you go home and it’s normal?” from the TV anime “Uramichi Oniisan” in which he plays Daga Iketeru.

He also introduced the dancers who appeared with stand mics and said, “This song has connected us to this day. That’s why I’d like to perform it with everyone at the end. I definitely wanted to deliver this song to you all with all the ‘TEAM MAMO’ members,” and went on to the next song “LIFE.” With the dancers singing the chorus and the performance reminiscent of last year’s studio live show “STREAMING!”, the venue was filled with a happy sense of unity.

At this point, the arena turned dark again, and the intro song started to play, stirring the audience’s anticipation. After a moment of silence, Miyano took off his jacket and changed into a simple monotone outfit and popped up from the center of the stage. With a fire pillar blazing, he jumped into the medley with dance remixes centered.

He performed up-tempo numbers “SHOUT!”, “BLACK OR WHITE” and “IT’S THE TIME” in harmony with the dancers one after another, and “POWER OF LOVE”, “EXCITING! and THANK YOU” made the venue more united.

After they rained kisses on the audience for the first time in about 2 years with “Kiss×Kiss”, a standard number for his live show, he went on to “Hikari Sasu hou e” with its magnificent intro. Miyano’s powerful voice echoed throughout the venue. Miyano looked around the venue and expressed his happiness at the presence of his fans, saying, “I feel “alive” and energetic at live concerts. I want you all to feel this energy, and I’ll see you again!” Miyano expressed his gratitude.

He continued, “I hope we will be able to share our feelings with each other again, with joy in our “voices”, leaning on each other. I want to be a beacon of the entertainment that comes from that, believing that we can share our feelings to the fullest. More hope for this song that I sing at the end. I want to deliver this song to you all with hope, dreaming of the day when we can all sing together, as the lyrics say, ‘I can’t believe that freedom like this is waiting for us'”, talking about how he feels about the song. The last number “Transparent” started with a beautiful piano melody. He sang the lyrics with great care as if biting down on each step he had taken so far and earnestly hoping for a future full of hope.

The arena was illuminated by pure white lights and was filled with silence and a sense of unity like a concert hall. After sharing the happiness with the fans, Miyano bowed in gratitude, saying “Thank you”, and left the stage slowly.

After that, Miyano appeared on stage again to the applause of the encore. He said, “Your applause is your ‘voice.’ I was able to come out because I was called by everyone’s voice. I’m so happy to be able to perform like this. I’m deeply moved. We’ve finally reached the end of the four shows of “RELIVING!” It’s because everyone’s heart has become one. Thank you so much,” shared his feelings and continued saying, “I think I’ll sing one more song!” Miyano called the band members and dancers to the stage and sang the encore song ‘Orpheus’”. After the energetic performance, the venue became even more excited, and Miyano, the band members, and the dancers thanked the fans and closed the stage, lingering farewell.

At the end of the show, Miyano was hurried back to the stage after receiving unending applause from the audience. Miyano said, “I think I managed to convey what I wanted to say to everyone with all my strength four times. Thank you all so much for accepting my message! I won’t say goodbye, I’ll definitely see you again!” He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his fans. The two-day, four-stage live show, which was the first time in 762 days since the last live show with a physical audience, came to an end amidst a huge applause.

“STAGE 01” and “STAGE 02” will be available until 11:59 p.m. on October 16, 2021, and “STAGE 03” and “STAGE 04” will be available until 11:59 p.m. on October 17, 2021. Fans who haven’t watched it yet should definitely experience Miyano Mamoru’s arena live concert for the first time in about two years with your own eyes.

3. Question
5. Mamo×Jin RELIVE MIX (Magic~The Birth~EVER LOVE~Identity)
6. Follow Me Now
7. Dream on
8. Zansho

“Why is it that when you buy a loaf of bread that was really good at tasting, and then you go home and it’s normal?”
(From the TV anime “Uramichi Oniisan” song)
10. LIFE
12. Kiss×Kiss
13. Hikari Sasu hou e
14. Transparent
15. Orpheus