“Charisma”, a superhuman share house story by the production and management team of “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”, has released an advertising VTR of the character, “Charisma of Good and Evil” Ito Fumiya. Moreover, dramas began to be uploaded on the “Charisma” official YouTube channel from October 4, and will be posted on every Monday and Thursday.

“Charisma” is a 2D character content by EVIL LINE RECORDS and Dazed Co., Ltd., the production and management team “Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle”, the music-based character rap project. The story follows the 7 charismatics living in Charisma House.

In the released VTR, Ito Fumiya is making an announcement of the launch of “Charisma” on October 4 in a “Charisma of Good and Evil”-ish manner.
The advertising VTRs have been released everyday from September 27, featuring one character each day and revealing their lines. This series of introduction footage shows “Charisma” characters’ distinctive characteristics, so please do not miss out on it.

The superhuman share house story “Charisma” has started on October 4.

■The Superhuman Share House Story “Charisma”

This is Charisma House. Day by day, the charismatics gaze at their inner charisma.

However, you can say they have not reached “true charisma” yet. Hence, the charismatics huddle in the temporal house to foster their charisma and to aim higher.
Some people would laugh with scorn. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have any effect on the charismatics. Rather, they are inspired by such adversity, further cultivate their charisma, and accumulate superb “charisma charge”. What lies beyond the charge……!?

Ordinary people will probably not understand,
but this is the story of the charismatics.

●Original Creator:
Dazed Co., Ltd. / Matsubara Shuu
Character Design: Ebimo
Art Direction: BALCOLONY

“Charisma of Good and Evil” Ito Fumiya (voice: Ono Yuki)
“Charisma of Order” Kusanagi Rikai (voice: Yamanaka Masahiro)
“Charisma of Obedience” Motohashi Iori (voice: Fukuhara Katsumi)
“Charisma of Rebel” Sarukawa Kei (voice: Hosoda Kenta)
“Charisma of Internal Punishment” Minato Ohse (voice: Hyuga Saku)
“Charisma of Self-Love” Terra (voice: Okawa Genki)
“Charisma of Sex” Tendo Amahiko (voice: Hashizume Tomohisa)

(C)Dazed CO.,LTD.