The first stage adaptation of the romance adventure game “Da Capo” series has been announced. Based on the “Da Capo III” series, the stage adaptation “Da Capo III ~Kimi to Tabisuru Toki no Mahou (Da Capo III ~The Magic when Traveling with You)” will start on November 17, 2021, on “Nissho Hall”.

“Da Capo” series is a romance adventure game that was released by “CIRCUS” in June 2002. It has even be released as a console game, and the series has a total sale of over 750,000 copies.
The series has gotten various media mix developments, such as a manga, drama CD, and even the anime has gotten a numbering title from “Da Capo” to “Da Capo III”.

It was announced the first stage adaptation of the series is based on “Da Capo III”. The production will be handled by “Eigeki Live Entertainment” of “Theater Company HIKOSEN”.
One of the heroines, Morizono Ricca/ Ricca Greenwood will be played by the voice actress Nitta Emi, who is also the voice of the character from the game and anime.

Stage Adaptation “Da Capo III ~Kimi to Tabisuru Toki no Mahou” will have a total of 9 performances from November 17 to November 21, 2021, at “Nissho Hall”.

【Performance Name】
Stage Adaptation “Da Capo III ~Kimi to Tabisuru Toki no Mahou”
【Performance Date】
November 17 (Wednesday) – November 21, 2021 (Sunday), Total of 9 Performances
Nissho Hall
(Yakult Headquarters Building, 1-1-19 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021)
【Cast Members】
Nitta Emi (as Morizono Ricca/ Ricca Greenwood)
Fujimura Suzuka (as Yoshino Charles / Charles Maroth)
Sasaki Mikoi (as Katsuragi Himeno)
Takahashi Mari (as Rukawa Sara)
Ishimaru Chika (as Hinomoto Aoi)
・・・and more
【Ticket Price (Tax included, fixed seat)】
SS Seat: 15,000 JPY (inclusive of novelty)
S Seat: 12,000 JPY
A Seat: 8,000 JPY
Theater Company HIKOSEN’s Eigeki Live Entertainment
【Publicity, Cooperation】
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