‘RUSTED ARMORS’, an “Inverse 2.5D” anime, which is an anime made based on a stage play, was announced to start its broadcast in January 2022. Key visual part 1 was released along with the announcement.

“RUSTED ARMORS” is a cross-media project that is made based on a stage play. There are three series of the play that have been performed. Based on historical facts, the original story depicts the life of men who dream of ruling the entire country in the warring states period, Sengoku period. The voice of Magoichi will be played by Taiki Sato (EXILE / FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE), and Nobunaga Oda by Toshiki Masuda, who both have played the same roles in the stage play.

The anime “RUSTED ARMORS” is to start broadcasting in January 2022. Also, part 1 key visuals that include Magoichi and Nobunaga Oda were released. Further information including the broadcast date, cast, will be announced on the official website.

(C)’RUSTED ARMORS’ Project / (C)Anime ’RUSTED ARMORS’ Production Committee