The “Seiyuu Animedia” October Issue will be released on September 10. Itou Kento is featured on the cover page and head article, and there is even an article on Liella! and Tamura Atsushi.

The cover page (both regular and Animate limited edition) and the head article feature Itou Kento, who is the voice of Aoyagi Touya from the iOS/ Android application game “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku”. In this issue, he was asked regarding his self-creation song, called “magic number” as well as his thoughts toward his music creation and song. Do also check out the 100 Q & A, where you can see his bare nature, which was conducted to commemorate his first feature on the head article.

Tamura Atsushi is being featured on the center article as well as the back cover of the Animate limited edition. As this is his first appearance on the back cover, there will be a 10 pages special article on his thoughts toward the self-evaluation and his job along with some fantastic photos.

The end article and the back cover of the regular edition featured the “Liella!” consists of the 5 school idols from the TV anime “Love Live! Super Stars!!” that started broadcast in July.

The “Seiyuu Animedia” October Issue will be released on September 10, on nationwide book stores and online stores while the limited edition will be available on Animate only.

Also, pre-orders for the “Seiyuu Animedia” November Issue that will be released on October 8 are currently available. This issue will have a special article on Takeuchi Shunsuke x Eguchi Takuya, Uesaka Sumire, and Aqours.