From the TV anime “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu” comes the main PV. Ahead of the broadcast, the advance online screening event featuring the cast members will be conducted on September 4, 2021. The comments by the main cast members, including Hayashibara Megumi, Uchiyama Kouki, Kino Hina, Hino Satoshi, and Komatsu Mikako, have been released.

“Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu” is a TV anime based on the light novel by Makino Keisuke that is published by “GaGaGa Bunko”. The story takes place in a world that revolved around the competition on the space development, and it depicts the young female vampire and the young human man overcoming the race barrier and making fun of the ego of the country as they aim toward space adventure.

A more in-depth story content was revealed in this main PV than the teaser PV. It depicts the thoughts of the young female vampire Irina (voiced by Hayashibara Megumi) that is entrusted by the vampire to experiment on the flying project and Irina’s supervisor Lev (voiced by Uchiyama Kouki) as they aim toward the space adventure while overcoming the difficulties. This dramatic development will surely increase your expectation toward this work.

Other than Lev, the voice of the researcher that manages the medical data of Irina, Anya (voiced by Kino Hina), the strongest astronaut candidate, Mikhail (voiced by Hino Satoshi), and the only female astronaut candidate Rosa (voiced by Komatsu Mikako) could be heard in the main PV.
This story about the young female vampire and the young human man overcoming the race obstacle while aiming toward the space adventure and the human drama surrounding these two will surely hype you up for it.

Also, the online advance screening event that will broadcast episode 1 and 2 in advance, was announced to be held on September 4. After the broadcast, Hayashibara Megumi (voice of Irina), Uchiyama Kouki (voice of Lev), Kino Hina (voice of Anya), and director Yokoyama Akitoshi will appear and delve deeper into the allure of this work during the after talk.

TV anime “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu” will start in October 2021, on TV Tokyo, BS Nippon TV, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto.

Hayashibara Megumi (voice of Irina Luminesk)

At the first glance, this seems like a fantasy story but do also check out the hideous and foolish side of the human behind the space development that is filled with dreams and hope. Human and ethnic group. While borrowing the appearance of a vampire, it seems like there is a strong message from this work to the current world. During this novel coronavirus crisis… despite the world are sharing the same pain and trouble, there is still discrimination being born here and there. I have also seen the foolishness and kindness of the human as Irina.

I wonder what you will see?

Uchiyama Kouki (voice of Lev Leps)

My role, Lev Leps is a young man, who is aiming to be an astronaut as he has adored the sky since young, and was ordered to train the young female vampire Irina Luminesk to be a pilot on a certain day. This work takes place in a fictional country, but it would be more interesting if you watch it with the knowledge of the space development in our world. Don’t miss out on the achievement of Lev and the others in how the human and vampire cooperate with each other while aiming toward the space adventure and their confrontation toward the country and personal issues.

Kino Hina (voice of Anya Simonyan)

When I first read the original work, I got too absorbed in it.
Actually, I was on the train that time, but my mind is filled with the sensation of being in space, and it caused me to drop tears unconsciously.
I am glad that this fabulous work has gotten an anime adaptation as well as honored that I am able to be involved in it as Anya.
I will do my best to in voicing the bottomless optimistic Anya so that you can have a rest in the heavy world setting.
Do look forward to how you will be emotional and influence by it together with the beautiful footage…!

Hino Satoshi (voice of Mikhail Yashin)

I’m Hino Satoshi, who will be voicing Mikhail Yashin from the anime “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu”.
This is a story that focuses on the human Lev and the vampire Irina as they aim toward the unknown space while messing around with the country’s ego.
My role, Mikhail Yashin is one of the extremely talented and powerful astronaut candidates he is also aiming toward space adventures while confronting his various personal problems. This is a work that is filled with ambitions and dreams.
Please look forward to it.

Komatsu Mikako (voice of Rosa Plevitskaya)

Rosa is the only female astronaut candidate but she is a cool, solitary person, who is strict to others as well as herself.
Because of that, she is always being confronted by her surroundings.
Especially with the vampire Irina, as there are many confrontation scenes between these two.
Even during the recording session, the exquisite tension had helped to draw out more on the allure of this scene.
I personally think that… these two females are somehow similar to each other.
I believe that the interaction between Lev and Irina as well as the others’ various styles of interactions are the highlights of this world.
Please don’t miss out on this work.

(C) Masano Keisuke, Shogakukan/ “Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu” Production Committee