The “Gundam” franchise has announced that its new short film series, “Gundam Breaker Battelogue” (6 episodes total) will be streamed on Youtube at the official “Gundam Channel” starting from October 2021. Key visuals, a promotional video, synopsis, characters, and mechs were also revealed.

The new six-episode short anime series is part of the “Gundam Breaker Battlogue Project” that aims to strengthen the link between the Gunpla-themed “Gundam Breaker Series” videogames and the “Gunpla Series”. The new anime features characters from both the smartphone game “Gundam Breaker Mobile”, and the Playstation 4 / Playstation Vita  exclusive game “Gundam Breaker 3”. 

“Gundam Breaker Battlogue” will stream on Youtube’s official “Gundam Channel” in Japan, and on “” outside Japan.
Moreover, for regions in which the smartphone game “Gundam Breaker Mobile” is available, players will be able to enjoy prequel story missions which will be unlocked one day before the release of the anime.

“Gundam Breaker Battlogue”

The presence of a certain fighter stands out during the heated battles unfold in the finals of the US Gunpla National Championship.
A few months later, seemingly more moody than usual, Satsukino Misa assembles a new Gunpla at the Ayato Shopping District. Misa, who uses battling as an outlet for her unfocused anger, sets the completed Gunpla in the battle simulator, however as soon as the battle her newly assembled Gunpla is suddenly seized.
In the face of the upcoming big event GB Festa, the Gunpla fighters’ fate is on the verge of a major upheaval.

Planning / Production: Sunrise
Original Work: Yatate Hajime / Tomino Yoshiyuki
Direction: Obari Masaki
Screenplay: Kitaoka Yuichiro (Lepton) / Mayumi Sou (Lepton)
“Gundam Breaker 3” Character Design: Chiba Yuriko
“Gundam Breaker Mobile” Character Design: Taiki
Character Design: Onuki Kenichi / Toida Juri
Mechanic Design: Okawara Kunio / Ebisawa Kanetake / Ando Kotaro (Studio GS) / Kuramochi Kyoryu / Takigawa Kyoshi / Washio Naohiro
Chief Mech Animator: Kusumegi Shinya
Art Director: Masuda Kenta
Color Design: Kanemitsu Hiroyasu
CG Direction: Murozono Yuki
Cinematography: Nogami Daichi
Editing: Nojiri Yukiko
Sound Direction: Akutagawa Jin
Planning Collaboration: Bandai Namco Entertainment / BANDAI SPIRITS / Sotsu

Satsunoki Misa: Iguchi Yuka
Fudo Ryusei: Ono Kensho
Miyama Sana: Takahashi Rie
Aizen Touma: Ono Yuki
Kadomatsu: Sugita Tomokazu

(C) Sotsu / Sunrise