The two compilations of the TV series and the completely original episode of director Tomino Yoshiyuki’s “Heavy Metal L-Gaim” will be broadcast on BS12 TwellV, a nationwide free channel. Aired for three weeks in a row from August 20, 2021.

“Heavy Metal L-Gaim” is a tv anime by director Tomino Yoshiyuki broadcast from 1984 to 1985 after “Aura Battler Dunbine”. It is a straightforward sci-fi anime, a complete change from the fantasy genre.
As a result of having many young staff members, the anime is recognized as a title that breathed new life into robot anime. Many people that worked on this title are still active, including Nagano Mamoru, who was in charge of both character and mechanical designs.

The shows that will be broadcast are the TV series compilations “Pentagona Window”, “Farewell My Lovely”, comedy shorts for the OVA “Lady Gablae”, “Pentagona Dolls” and the OVA original episode “Fullmetal Soldier”.
Why not take this opportunity to enjoy a masterpiece that still has a strong following?

■Broadcast Schedule
Friday, August 20, 2 am Heavy Metal L-Gaim I “Pentagona Window + Lady Gablae (TV size)”
Friday, August 27, 2 am Heavy Metal L-Gaim II “Farewell My Lovely + Pentagona Dolls”
Friday, August 20, 2 am Heavy Metal L-Gaim III “Fullmetal Soldier”

The Pentagona System is made up of five planets revolving around the two suns. On the remote planet Koam, two young men, Daba Myroad and Mirao Kyao, leave their homeland with great ambition.
Although ruled by Poseidal the politics of the Pentagona world are corrupt, and rebellions have been breaking out all over. Caba and Mirao meet and clash with Fanneria Amu, a former criminalbadet, Gavlet Gablae, who also has great ambition, and come to find out the reality of the Pentagona world. Daba rides Heavy Metal L-Gaim to fight against Poseidal’s army, and eventually becomes the leader of the rebellion.

Hiramatsu Hirokazu
Ootsuka Houchuu
Honda Chieko
Kawamura Maria
Shimazu Saeko
Hayami Shou

■Main Staff
Original Author/General Director: Tomino Yoshiyuki
Character/Mechanic Design: Nagano Mamoru
Guest Character Design: Oomori Hidetoshi
Script: Watanabe Yuuji
Director/Staging: Sekita Osamu

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise