From “Heavey Metal L-Gaim” comes “Bat-Shu” as a 225mm figure under the 1/100 scale large size figure series “HI-METAL R” and will be released in Jun. 2020.

“HI-METAL R Bat-Shu” has various materials such as; plated die-cast for the frame, ABS armor, soft armor parts with a rubber coating for the unique texture. It is a definitive edition of “Bat-Shu” with a completely new mold.

There will be accessories such as the 315mm long Buster Launcher. Another feature you want to check out is the Random Slate which can be opened and closed. It also has the unique head which looks both like a skull and a warrior, a wide range of motion letting you pose it in any position you want, etc., making it displayable depending on your preference.

“HI-METAL R Bat-Shu” is priced at 18,000JPY (tax excluded) and will be sold at general stores from Jun. 2020.