From “Heavy Metal L-Gaim”, “L-Gaim” becomes a 1/100 scale large-sized figure under the series “HI-METAL R”, with an overall height of 225 mm. It will be on sale from Jul. 2020.

“HI-METAL R L-Gaim” features various components, including the implementation of random slated gimmicks that can be unfolded, plated die-cast parts, metallic painted ABS, cables made of soft PVC, etc. In addition, the texture and quality of the soft armor are reproduced by rubber coating.

Furthermore, each joint designed according to the specifications, allows wide mobility range enabling various poses of “L-Gaim”, making it a definitive edition that sets apart from standard “L-Gaim” products.

“HI-METAL R L-Gaim” is priced at 18,000 JPY (excluding tax). It will be on sale in general stores from Jul. 2020.

(C) Sotsu / Sunrise