The subscription for the theme songs and soundtracks of 7 works handled by the director Tomino Yoshiyuki, known for “Mobile Suits Gundam”, will be available worldwide in music streaming service website from Tomino’s birthday, November 5, 2020.

A total of 7 works will be available to subscribe.
The 7 works are as follows:
“Invincible Superman Zanbot 3” and “Muteki Koujin Daitarn 3”, which is the ancestor of Sunrise’s robot anime and the music was handled by Watanabe Takeo and Matsuyama Yuushi, who also handled the music for “Mobile Suits Gundam” afterward;
“Space Runaway Ideon”, a philosophical science fiction anime about war between two different races, and the music is handled by Sugiyama Kouichi;
“Sentou Mecha Xabungle”, a western-style, youthful robot anime that has action scenes, and the music is handled by Makaino Kouji;
“Aura Battler Dunbine”, an another world robot action anime that is the leader of the heroic fantasy anime, and the music is handled by Tsubonou Katsuhiro;
“Juusenki L-Gaim”, an orthodox robot anime with various new innovations, and the music is handled by Wakakusa Kei; and
“Overman King Gainer”, with the energetic and humorous trait, including the OP that imitate a monkey dance, and the music is handled by Tanaka Kouhei.

Why don’t you try to enjoy Tomino’s work from the music side as well as the video?

The songs from these titles will be available at Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, LINE MUSIC, YouTube Music, RecMusic, and other service provider.

(C)Sotsu, Sunrise
(C)Sunrise, BV, WOWOW