It’s been announced that there will be a special screening of the movie “Reconguista in G – Go! Core Fighter” in commemoration of director Tomino Yoshiyuki, creator of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, being honored at the “Tokyo Anime Awards Festival 2021” in the Anime Merit Category.

Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2021 (TAAF2021) is an international animation film festival to be held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo from March 12 to 15, 2021.
This year’s honorees in the Animation Merit Category include producer Suzuki, author Sakura Momoko, screenwriter Koyama Takao, director Tomino Yoshiyuki, animator Saida Toshitsugu, editor Seyama Takeshi, singer Isshu Kayo, and voice actor Hazama Michio.

The special screening of “Reconguista in G – Go! Core Fighter” will be held on March 13 at Ikebukuro Cinema ROSA.
“Reconguista in G III” is scheduled to be released this summer, so why don’t you anime fans who haven’t seen the series yet take this opportunity, and fans who have already seen the series visit for a refresher?

The special screening of “Reconguista in G – Go! Core Fighter” will be held at Ikebukuro Cinema ROSA from 10:30 am to 12:10 pm on March 13. The ticket is priced at 1,200 JPY (200 JPY more for a day-of-performance ).

In addition to the above, “TAAF2021” will also include “YOUNG POWER 2021,” in which professionals working at the forefront of the animation industry will give advice to selected student works. This year’s guest lecturers are Nakatake Tetsuya, co-founder/director ofWIT STUDIO, Inc. and Watanabe Atsuko, animator/cartoonist, who also served as a member of the TAAF2021 competition first-round selection committee.
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