Director Tomino Yuuki, who is the original author for “Mobile Suit Gundam”, himself also directed the upcoming movie titled, “Mobile Suit Gunam Reconguista in G III: ‘The Legacy from Space’”. (scheduled on July 22, 2021). The main PV, which the director even himself praised, was released 2 weeks prior to the release of the movie.

Beril and Aida are unsure of what to do, after learning that his lover is his actual sister, while she learned that the murderer of her lover is her true younger brother. At the same time, the colonial nation behind the moon called “Towasanga” started the Earth Retribution Operation “Reconguista”, and the battles over G-Self got more fierce.

The important part 3 was expressed in stylish editing with good tempo made the director Tomino himself praise it so much.

“Mobile Suit Gunam Reconguista in G III: ‘The Legacy from Space’” will be released on July 22, 2021. More information will be delivered toward the release, and the expectations toward them continue to rise.

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