From the “Panzer World Galient” the TV series, the HD remastered version of omnibus “Chapter of the Earth”, “Chapter of the Land and the Sky” and the OVA original work “Crest of Iron” will be broadcast on BS12 Twelve “Anime 26 (Aniroku)” for 3 weeks in a row.

“Panzer World Galient” is a robot anime that was broadcast from 1984 to 1985 by director Takahashi Ryosuke known for “Fang of the Sun Dougram” and “Armored Trooper Votoms”.
From the murderous real robot route from the past work, robot action was added to the fantasy world of the medieval knight era, and it became the anime with a completely new worldview.

The main characters of Robo “Galient” were designed by Okawara Kunio, the important person in robot design. One of the highlights of this work is the action of fighting unique armored soldiers with the Galian Sword, which can be both a sword and a whip.

“Panzer World Galient” will be broadcast for 3 consecutive weeks on September 11, 2021, at 02:00 A.M. on BS12 Twelve “Anime 26 (Aniroku)”.

■ Broadcast schedule
September 10 (Saturday) 2:00 A.M. -Panzer World Galient (HD remastered version) “PART-I Earth Chapter”
September 18 (Saturday) 2:00 A.M. -Panzer World Galient (HD remastered version) “PART-II Chapter of the Land and the Sky”
September 25 (Saturday) 2:00 A.M> -Panzer World Galient (HD remastered version) “PART-III Crest of Iron”

■ Synopsis
“Arst”, the fifth planet of the “Irasant Solar System” of the “Crescent Great Galaxy”, one of the many galaxies. Jordy Volder, the successor to the “Volder Kingdom”, which boasts a history of 3000 years, was born in that far country. However, the castle that is in an ecstasy of happiness with the birth of the prince collapsed by the hands of the conqueror Marder, the King died, and Queen Feria was captured. However, Jordy was barely saved by the his senior vassal, Azbeth.
Twelve years have passed since the tragedy, and Jordy, who was raised as Azbeth grandson, continues his itinerary journey looking for the legendary “Iron Giant Galient” and arrives at the “White Valley” where the forces rebelling against Marder gathered together… Jordy finds the Galient in search of him under the guidance of the chief of the valley, Chururu, the daughter of Dartus, and fights against the Marder army who is approaching the Galient.

■ Cast (common to PARTI and II)
Kikuchi Hidehiro
Fuchisaki Yuriko
Hirano Fumi
Kobayashi Osamu
Hayami Shou

■ Main staff (common to PARTI and II)
Original idea: Yatate Hajime
Original / Director: Takahashi Ryosuke
Character design: Shioyama Norio
Mechanical design: Okawara Kunio, Izubuchi Yutaka
Music: Fuyuki Toru
Theme song: Inoue Daisuke, EUROX
Art: Miyamae Mitsuharu
Music Director: Urakami Yasuo

(C) Sunrise