AZALEA, the group from the anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” formed by Aquors’s Matsuura Kanan, Kurosawa DiaDaiya, and Kunikida Hanamaru, held the first solo live titled “Love Live! Sunshine!! AZALEA 1st Love Live! ~In The Dark~” on August 14 and August 15, 2021 at Xebio Arena Sendai in Miyagi Pref.

The 1st solo live of AZALEA was originally scheduled on March 2020 at the same location, and it finally became real and the desire of the cast members and fans have finally come true, after being postponed and cancelled for multiple times. However, the appearance of Takatsuki Kanako, who plays Kunikida Hanamaru, was cancelled, therefore, the stage was performed by Suwa Nanaka (Matsuura Kanan) and Komiya Arisa (Kurosawa DiaDaiya).

The live began with the excitement created by the opening movie ofwith “We’ll get the next dream!!!” arranged version. Then Suwa and Komiya appeared on the stage and performed the latest song, “We’ll get the next dream!!!”. Their costumes were the new AZALEA outfit, which had clear color contrast between black and each member’s signature color.

Their performance was very strong as if they were tellingthey tell the message, “we’ll keep trying”, by turning around while having their arms straight. They then passionately performed another new song “PHOENIX DANCE” in fire effects. They followed with “INNOCENT BIRD” with a standing microphone with strings. After performing these songs, the casts were welcomed by the warm round of applause, and they began to deliver the thanks for making the live real.

The performance continued with “Jump up HIGH!!”, which waswill be performed for the first time as AZALEA ver., Aquors’s popular dance song “SKY JOURNEY”, and “Maze Sekai”, which waswill be performed for the first time with audience. After the video during an intermissionrest, Komiya appeared with the modern Japanese outfit with flower design. She performed DiaDaiya’s song “Perfect SEKAI” with outstanding sword skills.

Suwa, on the other hand, sSuwa sung Kanan’s solo song “Mottone!” with a straw hat and white dress. She danced as Kanan from the special MV came out and enjoying summer. The two performers with contrasting costumes then continued with “Landing action Yeah!!” for Day 1, and “Hop Step Wai!” for Day 2, on a trolley.

After another rthe rest movie, AZALEA appeared again with new costume to sing “GALAXY HidE and SeeK”. With the wings on their back, they followed with the new sing “Metamorphism”. They then continued with “Tokimeki Bunruigaku” (Tokimeki Taxonomy), “Kuuchuu Renairon” (Airily Study of Romance) and “Sotsugyou Desune” (Now it’s Graduation), the songs that have relationship in names.

The 3rd movie during an intermission in this live projected the candy cooking, which has a close relationship with 3 members of AZALEA. Suwa and Komiya appeared after the movie with Torikoriko Cannady in their hands. Now it’s time for “Torikoriko PLEASE!!”.

The casts shared their emotions for happiness and the reason why they chose to hold the concert, instead of cancelling, during Day 1. On Day 2, they announced that the 2nd AZALEA live will be held. “Love Live! Sunshine!! AZALEA 2nd LoveLive! ~Amazing Travel DNA Roboot~” will be held at Yokohama Arena on November 2021. It was memorable announcement, since Yokohama Arena was the location for Aquors’ 1st Live.

After they changed the audience in pink with lights during “LONELY TUNING”, they summarized the live with “Amazing Travel DNA”. The song gave the audience the feeling ofpredicted new journey from here and announced the new roadmap to Guilty Kiss 2nd Live on September, CYaRon! 2nd Live on October, and AZALEA 2nd Live on November, concluding the 1st live.

“Love Live! Sunshine!! AZALEA 2nd LoveLive! ~Amazing Travel DNA Roboot~” detailed information will be announced on the official website of “Love Live! Sunshine!!”.

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