The latest information of Tatsunoko’s original TV anime “Muteking the Dancing Hero” that will start in fall 2021, such as the main visual, opening and ending theme, the staff information, and the broadcast information, has been announced.

The main visual depicts the main characters with a black shadow behind them.
With the catchphrase of “Are you an enemy? Then, let’s dance!”, the visual depicts something different from all the historical heroes, which is something that is only acceptable for the “Dancing Hero”. This main visual is drawn by the main character designer Takahashi Yuuichi, who was announced this time.

The opening theme is “Labyrinth” by Orange Range.
This is a throbbing, danceable song that is fit for the “Dancing Hero”, which expressed the pop world setting directly.

The ending theme song is “Kibou no Uta (Song of Hope)” by Kalma.
Just as the word “Hope” that was depicted in the song, it has accepted the “New Hero Model” that was depicted in “Muteking the Dancing Hero” as well as a song that will support your “Never Giving Up Feeling”.

It was previously announced that Orange Range and Kalma will be involved in this work, but as it was announced that they will be handling the opening and ending theme respectively, their song could be heard for the first time in the latest PV.

What’s exactly is the “Hero who dances with the enemy”? How will Muteking be depicted in the modern generation, and what type of hero model will be shown? So, don’t miss out on this “Fabulous Science Fiction Hero Romance Comedy” in October.

The anime “Muteking the Dancing Hero” will be broadcast at midnight every Saturday on TV Osaka and TV Aichi from October 2 while at midnight on every Sunday on TOKYO MX and BS N-TV.

(C) Tatsunoko Production, Muteking Production Committee