From “Gordian the Warrior”, the famous classic toy of the past, the hugely popular “Combined Gordian” will be reborn after 40 years as part of the action figure series, “Soul of Chogokin”, which will go on sale to the general public in March 2021.

“Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Gordian the Warrior” is a large volume item that includes the main character, Daigo, three mechanisms, and various weapons and equipment in a set.
Daigo is approximately 60mm tall, the Protesser is approximately 120mm tall, Delinger is approximately 200mm tall, and Garvin is approximately 320mm tall, which was difficult to recreate in the previous “Gordian” toys, but the height contrast between the various mechanisms has been brought to a balance that is very close to the image in the film.

The joints are movable even when they are all combined, allowing you to strike various action poses.
In addition, as a bonus part, a replacement face part that reproduces the design of Garvin’s previous period settings is included, as well as a special pedestal that allows you to set up Daigo, the mecha and a variety of other equipment together.
With a sophisticated combination and movable gimmick, styling and a wide variety of weapon parts, this is the definitive version of the “Gordian” toy.

“The Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Toushi Gordian the Warrior” will be sold for 36,000 JPY (excluding tax) and will go on sale in March 2021.

(C) Tatsunoko Productions