The collaboration between the popular anime of Tatsunoko, which are “Bob In A Bottle”, “Yatterman”, “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman”, and “The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee”, and Aeon’s Fashion brand “Doublefocus” has been announced. A total of 20 types of t-shirts are available and the pre-orders are currently available on Aeon’s official retailer “Aeon Style Online”.

Tatsunoko is an animation production studio founded in 1962, and it will mark its 60th anniversary in October 2022. It has created various works, such as “Mach GoGoGo”, “Bob In A Bottle”, “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman”, and “Time Bokan Series”. In the recent years, they had also produced various popular works, such as “King of Prism”, which proves that their animation is loved by various generations.

The announced T-shirts that will only be available at Aeon are “Bob In A Bottle T-shirts”, “The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee T-shirts”, “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman T-shirts”, and “Yatterman T-shirts”.

“Bob In A Bottle T-shirts” has a vintage design that gives off a retro feeling with the depiction of Bob and Joey.

“The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee T-shirts” has a printed illustration and stitchery of the main protagonist, the child bee Hutch and his sister Haley.

“Science Ninja Team Gatchaman T-shirts” has a printed illustration of the Science Ninja Team that is battling against the evil organization and their leader Gatchaman.

“Yatterman T-shirts” feature the surf style design with the pop atmosphere of the heroes of justice, Yatterman, and the evil trio, Dorombo Gang.

All the 20 types of T-shirts have size from S to XL for men, and the prices inclusive of tax is 1,518 JPY for each T-shirt. The T-shirts are available at approximately 370 branches of “Aeon” and “Aeon Style” in Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa on May 15 while the pre-orders at “Aeon Style Online” will be delivered from May 21 sequentially.

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