The teaser PV and advanced cutscenes of “Love of Kill” (scheduled to be broadcast in 2022) have been released. It was also announced that Onishi Saori will play the role of Chateau Dankworth, and Shimono Hiro will play the role of Son Ryang-ha.

“Love of Kill” is based on the same-name manga by Fe serialized in “Monthly Comic Gene”. It depicts a distorted suspense woven by hitmen, and the sales have exceeded 700,000 copies in total.

This time, along with the teaser PV & advanced cutscenes, two main cast members have also been announced.
Onishi Saori will play the role of the bounty hunter Chateau Dankworth, and Shimono Hiro will play the role of the strongest unknown man, Son Ryang-ha.

“Love of Kill” will be broadcast in 2022.
In addition, to commemorate the release of the teaser PV, a Twitter present campaign will be held in which two cast members and three autographed mini-posters of the original author will be awarded. Please check out the official Twitter account for detailed information.

Onishi Saori as Chateau Dankworth

To prepare for the auditions, I read the original and was so overwhelmed as it is packed with my favorites, and I bought the whole series!
I was looking forward to this work becoming an anime, but I am very happy to participate as Chateau.
Please enjoy the strange [love] that is pure but distorted.

Shimono Hiro as Son Ryang-ha

It has been decided that I’ll play Son Ryang-ha, and I’m happy and excited.
Ryang-ha doesn’t show many emotions and seems to be cold at first glance, but next to Chateau he starts grinning and becomes deredere, so I’m looking forward to how to play such a gap!
Bounty hunter and hitman, Chateau who is chased by and Ryang-ha who chases… Please take a look at such a special love suspense!

(C) 2022 Fe / KADOKAWA / Love of Kill Production Committee