“Love of Kill” (Author: Fe), which is being serialized in the monthly manga magazine “Monthly Comic Gene”, will receive a TV anime series adaptation. To commemorate this, from the original author Fe illustrations and comments have arrived.

The story focuses on a coldblooded female hitman, Chateau, and the strongest male hitman, Ryang-ho, who stalks her. This work depicts the love and madness of two hitmen.
Currently, up to 9 volumes of comics have been published (the latest 10 volumes are scheduled to be released on December 25, 2020), and the cumulative total has exceeded 620,000 copies.

Along with the announcement about a TV anime adaptation, illustrations and comments by the original author Fe have also been received.
The latest information, including the broadcast time, cast, and production staff of the TV anime “Love of Kill ” will be published in the upcoming “Monthly Comic Gene” (released on the 15 of every month) magazine.

Comment from Original Aurhor Fe
For some reason, it has become an anime!
Thank you very much for your support of the manga!
Is it okay to keep this title? Is that character’s name okay? even with all these worries, I hope you will enjoy it with us.
Again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people and readers who have been involved in this work.