The TV anime adaptation of the Taisho Rakugo fantasy of a Tanuki aiming to be a Rakugo Storyteller, titled “My Master Has No Tail” has been announced. The main cast and teaser PV have been released. The comments from the original author TNSK have been released.

“My Master Has No Tail” is a manga that is currently serialized on “good! Afternoon”.
This Taisho Rakugo fantasy will make you laugh while depicting the growth of the main protagonist, the young tanuki girl Mameda, who is aiming to be a Rakugo Storyteller with the theme of Kamigata Rakugo, and the master-disciple affection with her master Daikokutei Bunko.

To commemorate the anime adaptation of “My Master Has No Tail”, the teaser PV has been released. It features the main cast members, which are M・A・O as the voice of the main protagonist Mameda, and Yamamura Hibiku as the voice of Daikokutei Bunko.
Information regarding the broadcast period and other information will be announced soon.

Original Author: TNSK

The anime adaptation of “My Master Has No Tail”!
I want to thank you all as this can’t be achieved without the support from everyone!
Do look forward to the fluffy movement of Mameda and the striking posture of Master in the anime!
At the same time, it would make me happy if everyone is able to understand the good points of the Kamigata culture.