To commemorate the release of director Hosoda Mamoru’s latest work “Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess”, five of his works were released on the video streaming service “dTV”. The viewers have increased tremendously together with the broadcast of the movie program “Friday’s Roadshow”.

Hosoda’s works were broadcast for three consecutive weeks on July 2, July 9, and July 16, 2021 on the movie program of Nippon TV “Friday Roadshow”. Due to that broadcast, the viewers on “dTV” have increased tremendously on the next day after the broadcast.

On July 2, “Wolf Children” was broadcasted and the viewers for this work have increased tremendously on “dTV” on the next day, which is July 3. Compared to the number of the June viewers, it has increased by an approximately of 14 times.
“The Boy and the Beast” was broadcast on July 9, and the viewers on the next day have increased by an approximately of 21 times compared to June, and the viewers on the next day of “Summer Wars” that was broadcast on July 16 have increased by an approximately of 525 times compared to June. Moreover, “Summer Wars” has took the 13th place in July overall viewing ranking. It seem that it has caught the attention of many.

The works that are available on “dTV” are “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, “Summer Wars”, “Wolf Children”, “The Boy and the Beast”, and “Mirai”. Let’s enjoy watching his work before or after watching the latest.