The 13 work of “One Piece” movie series is available on the streaming service “dTV”. Among them, the latest work “One Piece Stampede” (2019) is the most popular as it was viewed 200 times more than the previous month.

“One Piece Stampede” was available on “dTV” since March 2021, and the other 12 works were released on the website from August 1, and each of the work has a gradual increase in the views count.
Especially “One Piece Stampede” is the most popular among the movie lineup as it was ranked in the 4th place in the monthly viewing ranking until August 18. Even the view counts have increase by 200 times than the previous month.

Just after two weeks of the start of the broadcast of “One Piece Film Gold” (2016) and “One Piece Film Z” (2021), both of these works were ranked in into the top 50. The number had shown off its popularity.