“Belle” is the movie that is scheduled on July 16, 2021. The cast for Suzu/Belle has been announced this time.

This is the latest movie of the director Hosoda Mamoru, who is well-known for producing “The Little Girl Who Conquered Time”, “Summer Wars”, and “Mirai”. Suzu, a 17-year old high school girl who lives with her father in a rural area of Kochi Pref. after losing her mother when she was a child, one day participates in the gigantic internet as a singer “Belle”. The story begins to progress when she meets the mysterious existence, “Dragon”.

The cast for Suzu/Belle has finally been revealed this time. The popular musician Nakamura Kaho, whom the director Hosoda praised to be “the most suitable for Suzu!”. She will play both Suzu and Belle, and she will also sing the song that will be played during the movie. The comment from Nakamura has arrived.

The movie “Belle” will be released on July 16, 2021.

Nakamura Kaho-Suzu/Belle
I actually had met with the director Hosoda a few years ago at my concert held in Nara…I asked the staff, “Who is this from?” when I took a look at the Japanese sake bottle left in my room as the gift, and the staff answered, “this is from the director Hosoda”. When I raised my head, the director was standing there. Since then, the director had came to my concerts a few times and I had the impression that he is kind and nice man. I did not expect to see him in this occasion after passing the audition.
There were so many things that I could not understand on what the director Hosoda expected me to do, since I all did throughout my life is singing. But as the days pass, I began to understand Suzu’s characteristics, and the intention of the director began to be clearer day by day.
Since it was the first experience and I had no clue what to practice, so I wore a pair of high heels when playing Belle, and wore a pair of shoes without heels when playing Suzu. The outfit helped me a lot to play the characters.
The encounter with the director Hosoda’s movie is when I watched “The Little Girl Who Conquered Time” with my mother at Umeda. I am so happy to be the part of his movie, since my memory of watching it is so bright.

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