A new visual release has been made for Akkun (Atsushi Sendo) from the new Tokyo Revengers movie. What happened to the main character Takemichi’s friend in the past. A scene that is famed for being a ‘tear-jerker’.

Akkun, played by Yuto Isomura, is one of Takemichi’s five friends from Mizo high school, played by Takumi Kitamura. Akkun and Takemichi are best friends and popular in the original as well. This Akkun’s look that was released this time is completely different. He is misled by the darkness of the Tokyo Manji Kai and beyond the police control now.

The red cockscomb hair which was Akkun’s signature has become dark combed back style and tattooed all over the body. He is wasting away and the lifeless look is not what he used to be when he was bright with a smile in high school days. In the other look, he is brimming with tears that show that he has made up his mind. What happened to him in the last 10 years?

These looks are from the very important scene where Takemichi comes back from the past to the present and goes to see Akkun for the first time in 10 years who is marked by the police. Isomura lost his weight for this scene and said “The first impression is important for that scene and it’s an important scene forTakemichi, so I wanted to have the right body for it.” We can see how serious he was for this role.

There are so many comments about this scene on social media such as “I cry throughout that Akkun and Takechi’s scene!”, “I never want to forget that facial expression.” and “I like that scene the best because I can feel the friendship between Akkun and Takemichi the most.” Isomura and Kitamura actually nearly cried every time they shot that scene. They are close in personal life as well and that’s why they were able to shoot that amazing scene.

The “Falling Akkun” as well as the ”Dark hair Mikey” who were released the other day are the talk of the town these days. Can Takemichi change Hinata’s past and save Akkun and Mikey by time-traveling? We definitely want to see the ending, as well as the scene reproduced by the casts’, overwhelmed acting.

Ken Wakui / Kodansha © 2020 Movie ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Production Committee