It was announced that LiSA, Miyano Mamoru, and Aoi Shouta will appear on the music program “CDTV Live! Live!” with the one night limited live performance. They will performing the theme song of the current trending drama and anime for the first time on TV, at 9:00 PM, on July 26, on TBS.

“CDTV Live! Live!” is a live performance program with the concept of “The full live broadcast of the stage that is created by the performers”. The broadcast on July 26, will feature the performers that handled the theme song of the current trending drama and anime.

LiSA will be performing the full version of “HADASHi NO STEP”, the theme song of the Tuesday drama “Promise Cinderella” starring Nikaidou Fumi as the main lead. Do check out LiSA’s performance of this new song that was created just for this drama and perfect for summer, along with her dance.

Miyano Mamoru will be performing his latest song “Dream on” that was used as the ending theme of TV anime “Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan”. For Aoi Shouta, who is welcoming his 8th anniversary as a singer, he will be performing his latest song “Garasu no Kutsu (lit. Shoes of Glass)”, the ending theme of the drama “REAL⇔FAKE 2nd Stage” for the first time.

The other performances include “Dekkai Ai”, on the theme song of the Friday drama “#Kazoku Boshuushimasu”, by Johnny’s West, and Sexy Zone performance on the latest song by Hata Motohiro, “Natsu no Hydrangea”. Both of these songs will be performed in their full version.
Don’t miss out on SEKAI NO OWARI’s “Birdman” and MY FIRST STORY’s “Kokuhaku” as well.

The July 26 broadcast of “CDTV Live! Live!” is at 9:00 PM, on TBS.