“Voice Actor Grand Prix plus homme vol.3” with Aoi Shouta on the front cover and Nanami Hiroki on the back cover will be on sale from July 13. A sample of bromide photos with Aoi and Nanami, which is a personal purchase bouns, has also been released.

Aoi Shouta, who is about to release his 13th single “give me me”, appears on the front cover and opening feature of “Voice Actor Grand Prix plus homme vol.3”. Many stories about the new song with pictures of Aoi Shouta standing in a fantastic set with a natural atmosphere and a glass world as a motif will be revealed.
Nanami Hiroki, whose mini-album “FIVESTAR” has just been released, appears in the special feature at the end of another cover. The original gravure based on the jacket image is a must-see for fans.

In addition, Enoki Junya, Ono Kensho, Umehara Yuichiro, Ito Kento, Aoi Shota, Kimura Subaru, Ishikawa Kaito, and Amasaki Kohei make an appearance from “Beyond the 2.43 “, the special event of “2.43 Seiin High School Men’s Valley Club” .
Furthermore, from this summer’s toppest anime “Sonny Boy”, Ichikawa Aoi and Kobayashi Chiaki’s special gravure & long interview, and from the special event of “Chiaki Kobayashi’s Demon Lord”, “Welcome To Maoujou”, which is currently broadcast on the voice Graotome channel , special features of Kobayashi Chiaki & Saito Soma, Kobayashi Chiaki & Masuda Toshiki’s long gravure & event report, and Terashima Takuatsu and Toki Shunichi, who will release the long-awaited new song, will be released.

Animate’s “Purchase bouns (L size bromide)” is “Aoi Shouta bromide A + Nanami Hiroki bromide A 1 each (set of 2 in total)”.

Gamers’ is “Aoi Shouta Bromide B + Nanami Hiroki Bromide B 1 each (set of 2 in total)”.

For Shufunotomo Infos Online Shop, it will be “Aoi Shouta Bromide C + Nanami Hiroki Bromide C 1 each (set of 2 in total)”.

“Voice Actor Grand Prix plus homme vol.3” is priced at 1,800 JPY (excluding tax). It will be on sale from July 13 at Animate Online, Shufunotomo Infos Online Shop, and other stores.