The voice actress Minase Inori covers the front page of “Seiyu Grand Prix August Issue” in yukata after a year and half.a year and half after the appearance, with a yukata! The magazine is currently available both at bookstores and online.

The front page and the featuring page of “Seiyu Grand Prix August Issue” is Minase Inori. In addition to her beautiful yukata suitable for summer, her new facial expression in the mature clothing could be seen through gravures that are filled with “Inorin”’s charmsnew, mature facial expression could be seen as “Inorin”’s charms through gravure.
In the interview, she talks about her commemorative 10th single “HELLO HORIZON” and her activity as a voice actress. Serialization “Inori Zukan” will be featured with the expanded volume.

Other than thather featuring pages, OkasakiOzakaki Miho, who became popular with her debut as a singer, will be appearing in the back cover and back featuring page.
The interview will discuss about “music lover” Okasaki’sOkazaki’s roots to music, including her ardor toward thewill for a debut, and the story of the day she became a voice actress, and furthermore. Please do check out the gravure featuring her dressed in yellow, her artist color.

Moreover, the popular voice actresses, including Amamiya Sora, Aimi, Oonishi Aguri, Kumada Akane, “Houkago Climax Girls” (Kouno Hiyori, Shiraishi Haruka, Nagai Mariko, Maruoka Wakana, Suzumoto Akiho)” from “THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors”, Tachibana MiraiMiku from “IDOLY PRIDE”, and Yamada MisuzuMirei from “Seiyu Mirai Yosouzu” will be introduced in the magazine.

VThe voice actors will be picked up as well. The members are Kamiya Hiroshi, Miyano Mamoru, and Nakamura Shugo from “Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan”, the special interview with Sakuma Daisuke (Snow Man) and Sugita Tomokazu from “Legend of White Snake” from “Legend of White Snake” with Sugita Tomokazu, and Satou Takuya from “Road to Voice Actor 2021” will be posted.

As the gift, A3-size poster of Minase Inori (Front) and OkasakiOkazaki Miho (Back) will come together with the magazine. The business gift is a bromide (4 designs).

“Seiyu Grand Prix August Issue” is priced at 1,440 JPY (tax included). The magazine is currently available both at bookstores, anime shops, and online bookstores.