It was decided that the TV anime “The Case Study of Vanitas” will start from July 3, 2021, on TOKYO MX and other channels, and it will be broadcast in 2 cours. The latest key visual along with the announcement of the latest cast members, including Minase Inori, have been announced. On the official website, the project “Daily Voice” featuring the original recordings of Vanitas and Noel could be heard daily until the broadcast date.

“The Case Study of Vanitas” is a manga based on Mochizuki Jun “PandoraHearts” that is currently being serialized on “GanGan Joker”. This steampunk story takes place in the 18th century of Paris, France where human and vampire exists.
This story about curse and rescuing revolves around “Book of Vanitas”, a grimoire that contains a mechanism to curse vampires.

The latest information was made during the “Advance screening of episode 1” that was held on June 5. The appearance of Vanitas, Noel, Jeanne, Luca, and Dominique in the Montmartre with an overview of the street of Paris can be seen in the key visual. Do check out the beauty of the blue moon in the sky and the street of Paris.

It was announced that Minase Inori, Shimoji Shino, Kayano Ai, Ishida Akira, Komaki Miyu, Kiuchi Tarou, Yusa Kouji, and Kuma Riho are the cast members for the new characters.

Minase is the voice of Jeanne, the young vampire girl that has the title of “Hellfire Witch”, Shimoji is the voice of the young lad Luca, who has the most authority after the vampire queen, and Kayano is the voice of Dominique, the daughter of the vampire noble, de Sade.

Ishida is the voice of Teacher, the teacher of Noel and the one who wrote the letter to find the “Book of Vanitas”, Komaki is the voice of the white fluffy cat that Noel carry around, Murr, and the three informers that Vanitas frequently used, Dante is voiced by Kiuchi, Johann is voiced by Yusa, and Richie is voiced by Kuma.

The 3rd short PV that make used of the insert songs and anime footage has revealed the “Flower Capital”. So, do have a look at the PV while looking forward to the broadcast.

TV anime “The Case Study of Vanitas” will broadcast at 12:00 AM, every Saturday starting from July 3 on TOKYO MX and other channels in two cours.

(C) Mochizuki Jun/ SQUARE ENIX, “The Case Study of Vanitas” Production Committee