Broadcasting on Jul. 4, 2021, “Heaven Official’s Blessing” has announced additional cast members: Suwabe Junichi, Masuda Toshiki, and Hanazawa Kana.

“Heaven Official’s Blessing” is fantasy anime based on the original web novel serialized from 2017 to 2018 in China. The anime was first streamed on the Chinese video sharing platform bilibili in October 2020, accumulating more than 300 million views in total. The Japanese dubbed version will start broadcasting in July, 2021.

The new cast members are Suwabe Junichi as Pei Ming, Masuda Toshiki as Pei Xiu, and Hanazawa Kana as Ban Yue.

“Heaven Official’s Blessing” Anime Japanese version airs on July 4, 2021, at TOKYO MX – BS11.

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