“NIGHT HEAD” has enjoyed a cult following since the TV drama series aired in 1992. It has been decided that the new original TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041”, based on a script by the original creator Iida Joji , will be broadcast on “+Ultra” from July 2021.

After 30 years, the original TV animation “NIGHT HEAD 2041” will be revived with a script written by Iida Joji, the original writer and director of the TV drama.
In addition to the brothers, Kirihara Naota and Naoya, who were suffering due to their supernatural powers in the TV drama version, this anime features another pair of brothers, Kuroki Takuya and Yuya, who are hunting them down as part of the National Security Forces. The anime spins a new story for “NIGHT HEAD”.

It is produced by Shirogumi, which has created a wide range of works from VFX-enhanced live-action works to TV animations. This film is the directorial debut of Hirakawa Takamitsu, who worked as a CG director on “Etama” and “Revisions”. The original character design is by Ogure Ito, who is known for his beautiful and delicate characters in “Air Gear”, “Tenjo Tenka”, and “Bakemonogatari”.

In the teaser PV, it starts from the streets of Shibuya in 2041. You can see Takuya and Yuuya engaging in gun fights, Kirihara Naoto using his super power and Naoya, Naoto’s younger brother, in the teaser video.

NIGHT HEAD 2041″ is scheduled to be broadcast in July 2021 on Fuji Television’s “+Ultra” and other channels.

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